The Internship of My Dreams

It is currently 1:22 AM, Chicago time. And instead of sleeping and dreaming of Kate Spade bags and Tory Burch flats, I am awake now, writing this blog entry. I can’t sleep.

And of course, the logical question for all of you to ask is, “Chrissey, why can’t you sleep?”

Well, it’s because approximately five minutes ago, I applied to the internship of my dreams. Yes, my DREAMS. 

And the way I found it only solidifies how magical this entire situation is.

A few days ago, I was spontaneously contacted by one of my lab partners last year, out of the blue (I have a suspicion that it was because of the Snapchat selfie that I posted on my story–wouldn’t that be such a rad story to tell people? “I got my internship because of a selfie I posted.” How wild), and mentioned that he was working at this new company. He mentioned the internship, and then told me that I would be perfect for it and that I should apply!

I won’t divulge any more of our conversation, for his privacy and mine, but upon looking at the company and reading their mission, I realized in about six milliseconds that this was the perfect opportunity for me. It was exactly what I was looking for, and it had just magically appeared in front of me!

About a few weeks ago, I applied for an internship at another company. It’s not like I don’t love my current job now, it’s a really good experience and really gives you insight and another perspective to patient care. The only thing is, with my previous supervisor leaving, I quickly learned that I was due to depart. In my year there, I had gained so many valuable skills and learned so many things, but unfortunately, in doing so I realized that there wasn’t much left for me to learn or room for growth within the organization. I needed something new, I wanted to gain valuable work experience and unique skills, and I really needed to find something fresh in order to do so.

I applied for an internship at this one company, and they completely shut me down, asking me, per verbatim, “Why are you leaving your current job? It sounds so great!” (To be fully honest, I am still shocked to this day how they just said such a strange comment!) Needless to say, I did not get the internship. I was disappointed, and quite honestly I felt like I would never find a way to move forward.

And then magically, the internship of my dreams appears, and I feel like I’m the luckiest girl alive.

After a lot of freaking out, running around and being paranoid, I finally submitted my materials, and fingers crossed-let’s hope that I get an interview (and the job, of course!)

I consider myself an excellent writer and communicator, and I’m about to tell all of you a secret. When B and I were “friends,” he was applying for the internship of his dreams. He is an absolutely atrocious writer and terrible with his words, despite what everyone else might think. He is quite possibly the least eloquent person I know, and worst-spoken.

After reading the rough draft from hell, I revised, and basically re-wrote his entire personal statement. And that personal statement that I wrote (I feel bad fully claiming that I wrote it, but I did basically gut out his old draft and improve it significantly) ended up getting him that internship.

So, if I could sell B to someone, it should be even easier to sell myself…right?


I left the page blank and freaked out, the nervousness had completely handicapped my writing ability. I was so nervous about this, because I wanted the internship so much, that I just couldn’t form words at the time! I had to take a deep breath, calm down, blast Rachel Platten’s Fight Song, and ask myself- “Why do you want this opportunity….and why should they give it to you?”

Out of the hundreds of candidates, why should they give it to me?

Why should I get this opportunity? What makes me so special?

And just like that, I pulled myself together and wrote my cover letter. I revamped my resume (I resisted using the ultra creative and cool Pokemon Go resume I made), and used an actual, professional submission.

After taking a deep breath, and reminding myself that I’m a lady boss that’s going to take over the world, I attached my paperwork to the politely written email, and pressed send.

That little click was so much more than just a click, it was like I was  giving up on freaking out and obsessing, and simply letting things go, as the only things I can rely on now are my strengths and accomplishments…and also a well worded cover letter.

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