All of My Kate Spade Bags

I had this revelation during the Spring that after stalking Kate Spade for years and years, that I finally should just woman up and buy a freaking Kate Spade bag. I convinced myself that since I’m in my twenties, that it would be an investment, as I would carry it “forever.”

Or just keep getting more Kate Spades because they keep coming out with such creative and cute bags…(I will admit that their Asian “inspired” Fall 2014 bags were a little bit in poor taste)

Photo Jul 02, 3 09 46 PM

(A picture from the last time I was at an outlet, debating as to which bag I wanted! Fun fact–I didn’t get either of these)

ANYWAYS, here we go.


Kate Spade Primrose Hill Goldie: This was the very first Kate Spade bag I ever purchased. And it holds the most out of all of them! Unlike the Wellesleys that I have, it is made of a soft leather and is semi-structured. I bought it on super sale, because it was a window display that was significantly reduced. I paid about $57 shipped to get this bag.


Kate Spade Wellesley Small Fynn Crossbody: I bought this one to wear and pair with the Goldie, and I would always carry both at once! It was such a steal for about $40 at Nordstrom Rack. I loved how durable this little bag was, but one thing I didn’t love was how tiny it was! This made it significantly harder for me to carry things, even my basic essentials! I still use this bag, but more for quick errands or going out.


Kate Spade Brightwater Drive Hanna: This is my second most carried bag. This bag is the one I use if I’m going somewhere or doing something that requires a smaller bag than my everyday bag (which is the next one!). I bought this at my very first visit at a Kate Spade outlet, and it was 60% PLUS an additional 20% off. Not only was it on super sale, but I loved the floral print and the cute little charm on the strap! So, I couldn’t resist. This bag was about $65 with tax, I believe.

Kate Spade Wellesley Small Rachelle: My everyday bag, and my favorite purse in the entire world. In person it’s more of an emerald green, and it brings a nice brightness and completion to every outfit that I wear. It holds all of my essentials, and non-essentials, and quite honestly the structured design makes it so sophisticated and chic. I’ve only had her for about a month, but she’s my favorite bag by far. It’s ridiculous to think that I bought this bag at the outlets for only $80.

Well, there you have it–for all you curious people out there, my Kate Spade collection. It’s quickly grown since I bought my first one in March, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

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