Chrissey With The Good Eyeliner

(I can’t find a credit for the featured image–I found it on Google and think it’s amazing!)

I’m going to be honest–I like compliments. I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t like it when some random girl off the street says that she thinks me romper is cute, or asks me what lipstick I’m wearing. Compliments are nice, and I’ll never be that person that says, “Oh, this old thing? No way, my outfit doesn’t look cute at all!” That’s some bullshit. I’m the person that says, “Oh my god, thank you! That’s so sweet!” (I am pretty sure when I say this, people think that I’m some bullshit, but I really do mean it!)

Something that people always ask me about is eyeliner. What eyeliner do I use, how do I do my eyeliner and eye makeup, etc. And as much as it would be cool to say that it’s effortless and I just perfectly wing my liner in .2 nanoseconds with zero effort, that’s not really the case.


  1. NYX COSMETICS- Proof It Eyeshadow Primer, Transparent: Okay, so I used to be really lazy when it came to makeup, so I didn’t think primer was necessary. My eyeshadow was always creasy, my eyeliner always transferred and moved around, and even though my eyelids were tremendous oily, I viewed eyeshadow primer as “unnecessary.” It’s necessary. I put this primer all over both eyelids in order to prep for the liner, and once anything touches it, it becomes BULLETPROOF. It makes my eye makeup last FOREVER, and I’ve fallen asleep and woken up with my eye makeup STILL perfect. It’s magic.
  2. Benefit Cosmetics- They’re Real! Push-Up Liner, Black: This eyeliner is my holy grail eyeliner, no matter what people say. I love it so much that I shell out $24 to buy one whenever I run out, because it’s just that good. Because I’m lazy, I never line my tightline–and with this eyeliner, you can’t even tell! It’s the perfect matte black liner, it stays put, and is longlasting. The pen definitely takes a little bit of getting used to and practice, but once it’s mastered, it’s unstoppable.
  3. SEPHORA COLLECTION- Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof: I have a color that has been discontinued, it’s an olive-y green color. I love how creamy, pigmented, and buttery these liners are, because it makes application easy. They also are budge-proof once they set.
  4. NARS- Sheer Glow Foundation: I use the Sheer Matte, which is discontinued. This explains how I managed to snag it for only fourteen dollars on Amazon. I use it as a concealer (more on that later).
  5. Clé de Peau Beauté- concealer brush: Full disclosure, I got this brush for free. I think that fact makes me love it even more.
  6. e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, Navy: I accidentally bought Navy at Target on accident, but it is literally black. This is my favorite felt-tip eyeliner, and it’s only two dollars!


Photo Aug 02, 2 25 00 PM.jpg

(Wow, I definitely should have worn lipstick that day!)

  1. Apply primer to eyelids, and blend in. Wait until primer is dryish/quasi tacky before proceeding.
  2. Using the Benefit eyeliner, line upper eyelids and attempt to wing at best ability. I like to line my eyelid first, make a dash/wing at the end, and then finally connect the two.
  3. Using the creamy eyeliner in the olive-y green color, I line a second line on top (not DIRECTLY on top) of the previous eyeliner- not a SECOND LAYER, but on top, like a stack. I know, you’re like, wouldn’t it be easier to cover your lid with the olive-y green liner, and then do normal liner on top? Maybe, but this is how I do it. I also use this second eyeliner to line my lower lash line a bit, and blend it out a bit so it’s not so harsh.
  4. I put a tiny bit of the foundation on a concealer brush, and then apply on my under eye circles. The excess on the brush, I use to “swipe” against the wing of my eyeliner to clean it up, and make a perfect edge/wing. THIS is how my wings look sharp/clean/fresh, and this is really how I make my eyeliner look good.
  5. Using the e.l.f. eyeliner, I make the line between the two eyeliners more even, if applying the second eyeliner has made the first look a little faded. I often make my wings look a little darker and fresher with this third eyeliner.



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