I Admit It–I Love Snapchat Filters

(Different days, same dress though–hahahaha)

I effing love the Snapchat filters (my favorite by far has to be the golden butterfly one, it makes me look like a superwoman goddess child), and no matter what people say, I will always love them. People are always quick to say that they’re stupid, immature, childish, catfish-y, and super fake. And to that, I have a few things to say.

I personally think they’re cute, and even at (almost) twenty one years, I probably use one daily. I think they’re unique, punchy, and that they add pizzazz. They’re like the bright shiny bow on the top of a present, the ribbon wrapped around a gift basket. They are this fun, creative touch to your video or selfie. And sure, some people may say it’s stupid or childish, but I definitely disagree. They’re cute, whimsical, and just make Snapchat that more fun. And that’s what it’s for–fun.

Snapchat has never been a serious form of social media–if you’re looking for serious, that’s LinkedIn right there!

As for the comments about filters being “fake,” “catfish-y,” and all of those things that can be summed up in the word artificial, the only thing I have to say is, well, of course it’s not real! No one thinks that there’s really an animated flower crown on your head, that you’ve magically transformed into a puppy, or that there’s spontaneous butterflies radiating a golden aura perched on your head.

And if someone does, I shouldn’t be blamed for it.

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