(Another) Super Quick Outfit Post–Blair Waldorf Vibes

Photo Aug 08, 12 25 15 PMPhoto Aug 05, 8 16 12 PM

I have yet another super-quick outfit post for everyone! I think that I’m going to do what Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere does, and just post a picture for each day of the week, because constantly posting short snaps is a little bit tricky! Forgive me, as I navigate the logistics of all of this… I don’t know if I’m going to take Instagram-y mirror pics, or lay things out like whitecoatwardrobe does. It’s a bit of a tricky thing to do, when you’re constantly on the go!

(I’m thinking maybe Snapchat videos, since I like the whole casual, breezy vibe)

ANYWAYS, the details of the outfit:

Green blouse from H&M- this was such a steal. I love this blouse.

Patterned skirt from Zara- this was an even bigger steal, although it was such a pain going to pick it up at my local Zara. I wear this skirt all the time, with different tops.

My trusty Kate Spade bag, I’ve nicknamed her Seaweed.

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