Someone Design A Green Coat, Already!

I wear a lot of green. And even before I adopted my signature color, the moment I saw Blair Waldorf’s green coats on Gossip Girl…I wanted a green coat! A cheerful, chic, fashionable, classy green peacoat (or cape!) that would perfectly accent my autumn/winter wardrobe.

And I know it’s Mid-August, but I can’t help but be excited for outerwear, after seeing all the Fall 2016 previews!

But the thing is, among all the practically infinite black coats (ugh, do we really need more black clothes, everyone?), the boundless neutral and plain outerwear, someone has forgotten to design a green coat. This just leaves your favorite Chicagoan in an awkward place, because I’m high key (not even low key) lusting for this piece to add to my closet!

Maybe J.Crew will do me a favor. Or Forever 21…H&M, anyone?

(I’m desperate!)

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