The Eyeshadow Choice for My Eyes

I was on love you, mean it‘s Twitter last night, and I couldn’t help but notice her icon photo!


Which favorite young sassy Chicagoan also sports that green/olive smoky eye look?! YA GIRL, Chrissey!


As you’ve all seen from my everyday makeup tutorial (My Everyday Makeup… In Snapchat Tutorial Form), I wear a daytime casual/messyish olive-y smokey eye. With makeup, it’s one of those things where you really have to experiment, research, and go through trial and error before you find something that really works. Especially if you’re planning on doing the same look every single day (it works–sue me!)

Photo Aug 10, 11 06 57 AM.jpg

Photo Aug 14, 3 48 58 PM.jpg

(Taking pictures of eye makeup is hard, y’all! Definitely does not come naturally to me)

So, as you can tell from those janky pictures–I stick to my olive-y eye. I used to use Urban Decay’s Mildew all over my lid, but I’ve come to realize that my oily eyelids fare better with a cream shadow.

Spoiler alert, though, I actually use an eyeliner! I use SEPHORA COLLECTION’s Contour Eye Pencil in a discontinued olive-y green color. I’m saddened to think that I will be completely at a loss once my eye pencil runs out, but I’m choosing to look at it as an adventure once the time comes.

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