Bare Faced, But My Brows Are Non-Negotiable

I feel like there is a picture of every blogger out there without makeup–mostly by their own choice. I have absolutely no problem walking around without makeup on, but my eyebrows are non-negotiable (tutorial soon!)

Ya girl definitely needs to run a brow pencil (my current love is Benefit’s Goof-Proof! in number 3) through those puppies before anyone can see her trekking around Chicago.

That’s a lie–I need to use brow gel (Essence Cosmetic’s dark brown) too, to calm them down!

But all jokes aside, my brows are a mess, and without any product they definitely aren’t cute, especially in that “effortless no makeup” way. People would be like “Chrissey, what’s wrong with your eyebrows?”

I have a sneaking suspicion that Cara Delevigne is in my “always brow” club too.


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