I Love GoPuff (And Not Just Because They Totally Saved Me)


I found out about GoPuff about a month ago, through what else…social media. People were constantly tweeting and sharing pictures of this revolutionary company that is essentially going to eradicate convenience stores everywhere.

Now don’t get me wrong, convenience stores have a certain charm about them, going in there and grabbing junk food and various drinks and treats, maybe a slurpee or two. It’s cute, it’s classic, and it’s fun (because junk food is always fun!)

But convenience-wise? They’re really not that convenient if you’re sitting at your apartment, craving junk food. You’re not really going to want to put on real clothes, to trek out at 11 pm at night to grab some Chunky Monkey, Hot Cheetos, and ginger ale.

And to call an Uber to trek out there? C’mon, that’s just a total waste of money.

So, that’s where GoPuff comes in–from the comfort of my bed, I can just whip out my phone, and order whatever junk food/trashy snacks I want, and in under thirty minutes a nice delivery man will arrive with a white bag of goodies! (They always seem to include an extra piece of candy or bag of snacks, which I think is so considerate!)

Photo Aug 16, 10 31 02 PM

(I literally ordered frozen pizza and junk food, because it was way cheaper than ordering pizza delivery!)

Delivery is only $1.95, and quite honestly, that’s such a steal considering that you just have to sit there and wait for the snacks to arrive. Seriously, delivery from a Chinese food place three blocks away from me is like, $4.00, and they’re not the ones bringing me any junk food that I want (within reason).

Another great thing about this app is that there is a browser version. I hate it when applications only have a phone version, because sometimes I’ll be laying in bed watching Netflix on my laptop (lol, yes I have a TV), and I’ll truthfully be too lazy to grab my phone from across my apartment. Plus, it’s sometimes just more convenient or easier to order from a browser!

So, what really won me over was how GoPuff saved my ass (is this an improper word to use on my blog?) two weeks ago when my friends had a barbecue. I was running late, and definitely did not have time to go pick something up for their party.

Obviously, I wasn’t going to be that one rude guest that showed up empty handed, so I inputted my friends’ home address in the GoPuff delivery address, and ordered two pints of ice cream for their party (it was a smaller get-together). It made thing so much easier, knowing that I could just hurry home, and head there, without making a last-minute stop to grab something.

GoPuff delivered it to their place, as I was speeding across Chicago in an Uber. As soon as I got there, my contribution to this pot luck was sitting in the freezer, waiting.

Seriously, how convenient is that?

It’s fast, it’s convenient, and it’s innovative. It’s definitely an up and coming app, and a crazy good idea. I just wish it was around when I first started college, can you imagine an eighteen year old Chrissey constantly ordering Cheetos?

Anyways, to get you all started, GoPuff generously has provided a code for five dollars off your first order!

You can buy five bags of Cheetos or a pint of Chunky Monkey!

Just download the app, and enter unabridgedsass to get your $5 off!

And because I love food, of course I have some recommendations for you.

  1. Doritos Dinamita mixed with Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos: It is the perfect mix of crunchy, crispy, spicy, zesty, cheesy deliciousness.
  2. Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey: What other ice cream do we eat on The Unabridged Sass?
  3. Ferrero Rocher and Kit Kats eaten super meticulously: I eat the chocolate layer off, then slowly dissect each piece of chocolate!
  4. Easy Mac and Crushed Up Doritos/Cheetos all mixed in: Sometimes I’m gross like that.
  5. Chips and Salsa/Guacamole: A classic. Sometimes eaten for dinner.

So, now you just have to get to it! Use unabridgedsass to get $5 off.

NOTE: GoPuff did not approach me, I approached them because I genuinely love the app and believe in their mission and company. I’ve ordered from here numerous times, and I would never, ever suggest or advocate for anything that I don’t think is the absolute bomb dot com.

Logo is obviously property of GoPuff.

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