Italian Fest 2016–I Love Sangria and Pasta

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After lots of work, stress, and a whole lot of being busy, I was definitely more than relieved when my friends said that we should go to Italian Fest last night. I love Festa Italiana, I’ve gone every single year (multiple times even!) since I’ve moved out here. It’s quite possibly my favorite event of the summer.

(I will admit though, although the food and entertainment are always phenomenal, I swear the prices creep up every year at a lot of the stands..)

My favorite stand to stop by, every single year, is the one for Mia Francesca, which happens to be one of my favorite restaurants, ever. (The first time I ever went there, I got their salmon with bowtie pasta in tomato-vodka sauce!) And every year, without fail, I get their tortellini in vodka sauce. And every year, it is my absolute favorite thing at Italian Fest (not that other things aren’t good!)

Funny story–after getting really, really sick from Trader Joe’s tortellini two years ago (gross story, trust me), I have sworn off of tortellini. The one time a year that I have tortellini is when I get Mia Franceca’s at Italian Fest. One time a year.

And trust me, if you’re going to pick one tortellini to have a year, it would be this one. The sauce is creamy, but flavorful. The tortellini are cooked perfectly–not too firm, but also not too soft. They’re seasoned perfectly, and coated in this absolutely delicious sauce. Seriously, it’s magic.

Anyways, this year, since I turned twenty one I was able to try something new from the Mia Francesca stand…and it was definitely boozy. Their sangria slushy might be my new favorite at Italian Fest this year…although the tortellini is definitely hard to beat! I’m not a huge wine person (I prefer beer!), but there’s just something about that refreshing red wine, and all the fresh and crisp fruit…it’s perfection.

OH, and before I forget:

Top from H&M

Flats from Charming Charlie

Jeans from Levi’s

Purse from Kate Spade New York

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