Say Yes to Adventure


It’s so easy to be comfortable, and it becomes even easier to tolerate things. I’m a huge proponent of personal growth and moving forward, but sometimes you get to this point where you know that there is no more moving forward…so instead of finding a new way or a new adventure, you just get comfortable.

And that is exactly how I felt at my old job.

It was an extremely valuable experience, and I do not regret any time that I spent there. Although there were some things that I wasn’t a huge fan of at times (which is natural for almost every work place), and things got difficult, I learned so many valuable skills and met so many incredible people. Even after I was made aware that there was not any more advancement for me, I still stayed, and I was comfortable and complacent.

Until one day, it hit me. Why was I settling, when there could be something better out there? Why was I saying no to an opportunity for growth, personal development, and learning and developing brand new skills? Why was I not looking for new experiences and new knowledge?

And in that moment, I knew that although I had gotten comfortable, I needed to say yes. I needed to say yes to change, to getting out of my comfort zone, to moving forward, and to new adventures.

And as scary as it was, I put in my two weeks notice, and I went to look for something new. And today, when I got the job offer, it was the most incredible feeling in the entire world. I wanted to dance around like a lunatic and to smile like a little fool. Amidst this happiness and joy, the scariest thought crossed my mind–“I would not be here right now, if I had never had the lady balls to leave my comfort zone.” 

If I had not said yes, and if I had not been fearless, I would never have had this amazing opportunity.

And this has really made me think about things.

So, today, I am promising all of you, that I am going to say yes to adventure. I am going to be curious, fearless, adventurous, and free. Because sometimes you have to be a little bit brave, and see what else this amazing world has to offer.

I promise I’ll keep you all updated, when the next adventure arrives.

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