The First PSL of the Season

Photo Sep 16, 11 28 46 AM.jpg

(Low key, my eyebrows look awesome in this picture)

It’s been a weird transition time, weather-wise. I finally pulled out my first shirt-dress of Autumn 2016, and NEARLY convinced myself to wear the dark green suede lace-up booties that go perfectly with all of my fall clothes. I opted for my trusty Charming Charlie flats, though.

I walked out of my apartment this morning, and headed to my first class of the day, where I COULD NOT stop thinking about pumpkin spice lattes. A lot of my friends have given up and already admitted defeat, and conceded summer to Starbucks. I however, have been holding on to every last bit of it, refusing to use leaves and pumpkin emojis.

I will confess though, that I have started thinking about Halloween…

Anyways, after my class, I was too tempted, and I ended up walking to Starbucks. Somehow, during my walk there, the weather went up twenty degrees and girls in crop tops, jean shorts, and flip flops started heading towards me in their iced drinks and frappucinos. Damn it, Chicago weather.

Within the two seconds that I contemplated getting my summer drink, the sky got darker, and I swear the tree in front of me dropped all of its leaves. My mind had been made, I was going to get a PSL.

I walked into Starbucks, and knew exactly what I wanted, a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, grande sized.

And then the barista asked me, “With whipped cream?”

I stood there, as if she was speaking an alien language.

“Um, I don’t really know,” I responded. It had been so long since I had a PSL that I had completely forgotten what I had the last time. With drinks that I have frequently, I know my exact customizations to get the concoctions that I desired, but with the PSL, I had no idea! It had been A YEAR.

“How about a little whip, it’s Friday, you gotta treat yourself!”

I agreed, mostly because I was not prepared to make another decision.

I waited, until they called my name, which had magically changed to Chrisy, in the typical Starbucks fashion. I grabbed my PSL, thanked my barista, and headed out the shop, walking down the street. And as I took a sip, even though I had completely given up on it being summer any more, the Pumpkin Spice latte tasted even better than it had the year before.

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