The Taco Bell Game Changer


Yeah, Chrissey’s being gross and writing about Taco Bell again.

One of the things I’ve talked about is my love for Taco Bell, and specifically, this Taco Bell hack that I found on the internet. I wish I could say that I was a super genius and figured this out for myself, but really, this guy on Twitter did.

(I’ve tweeted him once or twice, and he’s not that responsive).

I don’t really believe in cheat meals. I eat pretty healthily sometimes (kale salads and V8 mixed with spirulina powder), and pretty cruddily on other days (case in point–Taco Bell) I’m definitely not authorized to give eating advice, but I like to be a happy medium, like Chrissy Teigen level. I’m not opposed to Popeye’s once in a while, or cheese fries here and there. I’m pretty sure this is obvious, because I’m a blogger advocating the consumption of Taco Bell.

ANYWAYS, this is what you need to make this game’changer.

  • Two shredded chicken mini quesadillas (I always get chicken)
  • One spicy tostada (I get no tomatoes, because they’re gross)
  • Tons of Diablo sauce (or whichever you want!)

Why always spicy chicken?

When I was younger, sometimes (okay..maybe not sometimes, but pretty often) my dad would take me to Taco Bell, and I would always get the same thing. I would get two spicy shredded chicken crunchy tacos with no tomato or lettuce (I was a picky eater), and fiesta potatoes. Always.

And then those assholes discontinued the spicy shredded chicken. Until recently, actually! Obviously, I prefer the chicken to the beef for nostalgic reasons…but also also because it’s sooo good!

Anyways, this is literally all there is to it–you carefully break the spicy tostada in half, place it in an open quesadilla, apply a generous amount of whatever sauce your heart desires, and then seal it up again.

That’s it! I can’t explain what makes it so delicious–the fact that you pay three dollars for TWO of these babies, or the fact that this is Taco Bell perfection. The shredded chicken, the beans, the amazing quesadilla sauce, the shredded cheese and lettuce, the crunch of the tostada, the soft tortilla…the weird red sauce on the spicy tostada, all of these elements come together to make perfection.

Just don’t go googling the nutritional info for this.

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