The Easiest, Laziest, Kale Salad Ever


I love kale salads. I’m not a huge fan of lettuce or spinach based salads–there’s just something about kale. I love how it tastes, and the darker and leafier the kale, the more I enjoy it. I still remember when my little brother visited and I made him a chicken kale salad, and he asked me, “what the hell is wrong with the leaves in your salad?” I kind of just laughed it off. He still ate the salad though–everything except the kale!

If I’m feeling a little lazy, my go-to is a kale salad. If I’m feeling even more lazy-pazy, I’ll make a super simple kale salad of chopped kale, something crunchy, plus dressing. Sometimes I mix my chopped kale with crushed almonds and a lemon-olive oil dressing, sometimes I mix my chopped kale with tortilla strips and a cilantro based dressing. It just depends!

However, my favorite one of these simple, super easy kale salads is by far this one.

NOTE, I AM NOT SAYING IN ANY WAY THAT THIS IS A NORMAL, HEALTHY, FULL NUTRITION SALAD. I’m saying that this is a super super super simple, easy salad. Thank you.

This what you’ll need-

  • Shredded or chopped kale (I like it in little ribbons or strips!)
  • Croutons (I like whole wheat)
  • Spirulina
  • Caesar dressing (Target makes my fave)

I’m not going to write about the health benefits of spirulina or why you should incorporate it in your diet, but it is good for you, and I do enjoy the taste of it. I might blog about what I use it in.

  1. Place kale into bowl.
  2. Crush croutons and toss them into your bowl (I enjoy them more this way).
  3. Add dressing to your taste.
  4. Add spirulina to your taste. When I first started eating spirulina, I would put smaller amounts in until I found what I liked! It has a very distinct taste, some people really hate it, and some love it!
  5. Mix, and enjoy!

SIDE NOTE- Don’t be freaked out by the green color of the dressing, spirulina is a really dark green powder.

I lowkey might have had this for dinner tonight.

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