My Favorite Makeup Tool

“Who would apply their makeup with a paint roller, Chrissey, isn’t that a little crazy?”

I rest my case.

Makeup is something that I genuinely believe is personal, it’s something that is ultimately up to the wearer’s preference. Some people are artistic and crazy skilled, and some people are into something simple but with great results. I’m in that second category. I have my own cheats and tricks to looking good easily (post coming!), but one thing that I have never really bothered with is brushes… not even lying.

I use no makeup brushes or tools in my daily routine (tutorial coming) It’s mainly because I use all cream products, except for my liners and brow products, and also because I’ve found that my favorite (and best tool) for applying makeup is my hands.

(Pretty good for no brushes, eh?)

I think the most underrated way to apply makeup is with your hands, and whenever Stephon is reminded that I apply all my makeup with my hands he gives me a firm, but loving look, and says, “girl you need to get yourself some brushes.”

I have brushes. I’ve tried brushes, I’ve tried wedge sponges, I’ve tried a beauty blender. I have issues with each one, and the only issue I have with using my hands is, well… none. I wash my hands, I make sure they’re clean, and I just apply my makeup with them! 

I don’t know why applying your makeup with your hands comes with such a stigma because they’re  great, built-in tools! Francois Nars even formulates his products to be applied with hands! ESPECIALLY his foundation. 

It’s a process to whip out the beauty blender, the brushes, and all the tools… it’s even more of a process to clean all of those tools too. And honestly, in all that time, I would much rather apply things quickly with my hands and just be done with things. It’s just preference!

(Also, when I tried a beauty blender it grew mold in like, three days).

I have the utmost respect for people who use brushes and blenders, paint rollers and sponges, because for me, I just don’t even bother and just end up using my hands.

It just comes down to my approach with makeup–although I love it and am always curious about new products (despite the fact that I’ve found myself doing the same daily routine), I’m ultimately a fan of a fast, effortless, and breezy kind of face (think Milk Makeup and Glossier). And for me, I just find that using my hands gives me the best (and fastest) result.

What do you guys use to apply your makeup? Would you ever try something crazy, like that toothbrush looking brush or paint rollers?

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