The Three Dupes I (Actually) Use, All The Time 

Because I promised you all dupes, and I think this cancels out my last post where I exposed you all to high-end makeup temptation?

I can’t help but laugh a little because of how incredibly bland these dupes are–but I told myself that I would only post things that I genuinely use consistently. And I use all of these every time I wear makeup (and we’ve talked about how I’m low key boring with my makeup and only wear one look…)

The Sephora eyeliner is basically budge-proof and magical, and comes in a billion colors. I’ve heard rumors that it’s the same one as UD, just different brands.

The elf eyeliner has lasted me longer than the KVD one that everyone drops their panties for, and I’ve tried both… I have to admit that the KVD one was patchy and dried up in like a week. If I use my $2 elf eyeliner I won’t feel bad if I need to toss it! I’ve used the same elf eyeliner since I was eighteen, admittedly.

I’m very weird about my face makeup–I only really like cream products. But somehow, this is my favorite blush product. I bought this at a random Target at 10 pm, and laughed a teensy bit about how it’s heavily branded by Demi Lovato. But then I tried it, and fell in love (I would never pay $30 for it).@

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