The Undupable Makeup Products (Top Three)

Please don’t reprimand me for including mobile screenshots in this blog post. 

I’m sitting in the northwest suburbs, on my parents’ couch, visiting for the weekend, and the WordPress mobile app is a strange sort of thing… but I’ve been thinking and thinking about this, ever since I decided to make another Sephora investment. 

The makeup I use daily is a nice mix of higher end makeup, and drugstore makeup. I have certain products that I absolutely adore, and would never give up if my life depended on it (did we all see my whole thing with the Supergoop setting spray). I love my NYC cheek stain, I love my elf eyeliner. I love my Benefit highlighter (ugh, that glow… do you guys want a tutorial), I love my Cotz natural skin tint (I could, and am going to write a whole blog post about how much I love this).

People always say that any higher end makeup is easily dupe-able, and in my experience, although sometimes it’s the most amazing thing to discover you can pay for something even better for a fraction of a price, sometimes you can’t perfectly dupe a high end product. And sometimes, you just can’t find a dupe. It happens.

Investing in nicer makeup is something that I started doing as I got older, and wearing makeup more regularly. If you think about it, with makeup, it’s the investment you see (literally) the most. People (and you) see your lovely face every day, and wouldn’t you want to spend a little bit more to get some nicer products (if you can’t find an inexpensive product or another product that suits your needs!)?

There are very few products that I would suggest splurging a little on. These are those few.

Note: I might find these products worth it, and you might think they freaking suck. Makeup is something that is so personal, that it makes sense that each and every person would have their own needs and qualifications.

I still have yet to find a highlighter that works perfectly for me as this one from Benefit. I’ve tried powders, I’ve tried liquids, but nothing works quite like this cream to powder highlighter. It blends effortlessly, and provides the perfect glow to perk up your face! It’s buildable, and you only need the smallest amount to pack a punch! I used to have the tiny sample-sized version, but I lost it traveling and finally had to make the investment to buy the bigger size. It is SO much product that I don’t think I’ll need to buy another one for the rest of my life.

Jokes aside though, I really wish they sold this highlighter in a smaller size so it wouldn’t be that much! But I genuinely think it’s worth it, as I use it every single day. It works wonderfully as a light champagne shadow too.

I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that I’m not a huge foundation or concealer person, although I will admit that I am basically obsessive when it comes to protecting your face with spf. I got a sample size of this magical sunscreenish stuff from Ulta, and originally used it as a primer for my makeup. It works AMAZINGLY as a makeup primer, because it smoothes, mattifies, and protects your face with spf.

However, as I used it as a primer, I started to use my foundation less and less, until I stopped using it all together! This provides very little coverage, and is actually very sheer and not noticeable, but it provides such amazing spf and makes my face feel soft and matte! I have yet to find a dupe for this, although I think I would love the Milk face tint as well… but that is a lot more expensive than this Cotz sunscreen…

I think I’ll go to my grave talking about how much I love this lip balm. If I could I would swap out every lip product in my collection for lip products in Fresh’s lip line. They are buttery, moisturizing, and provide the perfect wash of color. They’re made with amazing ingredients, and make my lips feel the softest! I’ve noticed that the lines on my lips have faded as well.

But the main thing is, there’s just something so phenomenal about these that they can’t be duplicated. And trust me, plenty of people have tried…

I hope this little list has helped all of you! What makeup investments do you make? What are your undupeable products?

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