A Reflection of the Past Year

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much has changed in a year. Specifically, how much I’ve changed in a year. I remember how ridiculously petty and immature I acted, and how tremendously annoying I was at that time. I think about how I was so deeply unsatisfied in different parts of my life, and how I sat there and did nothing about it… how I wished that things were different and how I now realize that I deserved better. And how now, today, I am grateful for all of the change that has happened in my life, and am more excited than I have ever been for my future.

There is not one day that I regret being dropped flat on my ass by my ex-boyfriend, and being forced to go through such a rough transition. Because I survived, and it has made me that much stronger, and it has made me change so much for the better.

The universe never hands you anything that you cannot survive, and now looking back, what seemed so impossible back then, is now my reality. And I’m so blessed that it is.

I went from going to a job that made me unhappy to doing something absolutely amazing, to working for an organization whose work I fully believe in, with all of my heart. I love what I do, and I love the amazing things that my colleagues and I are able to accomplish when we work together.

I went from taking care of a twenty year old boy who didn’t value me, who didn’t care for me, who took advantage and manipulated me… to being this strong, independent young woman that is restless and determined. I used to dream of a future for the two of us, and now I dream of a future for myself. I am happy being by myself, and I feel far more accomplished being Chrissey, than being part of Chrissey and (ex’s name).

I went from being friends with people who weren’t the best, to having a spectacular group of people who love and support me, individuals who inspire and motivate me to become the best self I can be.

I went from dreaming, to doing. A year ago I really wanted to blog. I wanted to create a space for sharing, collaboration, laughter, thought, and creativity. And there was this boy who honestly laughed at me, and told me that I would not find success doing so… and today, I blog.

Today, I write and share, and laugh with all of you, and I love running The Unabridged Sass. I do not need millions of followers in my definition of success. I feel successful knowing that I can share my passions with all of you.

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