Do Blondes Have More Fun?

I bought a blonde wig for my Halloween costume, and after testing it out… I could not take it off. I admit it–I took plenty of selfies and snapchats! I’m embarrassing like that.

Me: I could be blonde, like I could dye my hair blonde!

Ashley: I guess.

Me: Like Chrissey… blonde! (Said with immense excitement)

Ashley: I can’t see it.

Me: Me, blonde?

Ashley: *nods*

Me: Probably because my hair is dark as fuck.

I took my wig off after that. It’s fun, sassy, and just… it’s blonde hair! I’ve always thought that blonde hair was so pretty, so I couldn’t help but freak out a little over myself in that artificial wig.

Imagine if I had gotten the mermaid wig instead.

Don’t ever let people say that you’re too old for dressing up in costumes, because you’re not.

(Side note: I am highkey excited for Halloween)


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