Fall Lipstick Time (My Favorite Fall Lipstick)

It is officially fall, which means FALL LIPSTICKS. I’m freaking. 

I didn’t hesitate for a moment to put on my favorite FALL LIPSTICK (sorry I’ll stop with the caps, guys) this morning. The funny thing about this lipstick though, is that I bought it this summer at the only Ulta I go to in Chicago (my fave Ulta), on a whim. 

(Yes I linked to Target lol, because I cannot and will not refer anyone to Ulta)

A super friendly sales associate helped me out, and I fell in love with this lipstick. It dries to a soft matte, and isn’t heavy or drying. It’s a comfortable lipstick to wear, and although liquid lipsticks can be a f–king pain on the ass, this one isn’t hard to apply or streaky. It applies evenly and dries evenly, which doesn’t happen with some other brands. 

I think this shade is the ultimate fall lipstick, and looks flattering on everyone. It’s this unique berry-brownish red that pairs perfectly with ankle boots and sweater weather.

I’m thinking about trying out a plum next, but I’m not sure. 

What’s your favorite fall lipstick?

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