People always ask me how I eat and how I stay “fit.” I wish I could say that I am super disciplined and work out, but I do not. I do try to walk around a lot and dance around my apartment but I never go to the gym. As for me appearing “fit,” I think it’s primarily genetics and partially that I eat quasi-healthy.

I don’t follow any specifics when I eat. I will admit that I don’t eat too many carbs, and when I eat any breads/rices/grains I prefer whole wheat bread and brown rice (on the uncommon instances that I eat bread or rice). I try to eat plenty of veggies, but this doesn’t really prove to be difficult because I love kale and veggies.

I try to eat quasi healthy for myself, not because I’m trying to lose weight or anything, I just find myself enjoying less heavy options. Even beverage wise, I don’t drink soft drinks very often and often will have tea, water or La Croix. 

However, there have been two habits that I really needed to fix–the first being that I seldom eat breakfast and that I snack like crazy.

Whenever I eat breakfast in the morning, it always makes me feel really sick and makes my stomach feel heavy. So, recently I’ve been drinking a cup of tea and trying to eat something small, whether it’s a piece of toast or some fruit or yogurt.

For the snacking thing, I’ve been trying to eat healthier snacks. My current favorite is babybel cheese and turkey/beef jerky sticks. I also love having pretzels and hummus, or fruit. It’s definitely saved me some money because I bring my own snacks and don’t have to run off to the campus convenience store to grab a bag of Cheetos (even though I still do sometimes!)

Sometimes I eat kale salads and vegetables and chicken, sometimes I’ll have cheese fries or Taco Bell. I really think it’s all in moderation and balancing the things you eat. I’ve never restrained myself if I have cravings, and honestly I don’t adhere super strictly to being super duper clean–like I said, I’m just trying to  be quasi healthy! And it works for me, although people are different. If I’m hungry, I eat, if I’m not, then I don’t… I’m not a super complex eater and I don’t follow a super strict meal plan. I just try to eat more on the healthier side than the junky food side. 

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