Six Random Things #1


1. An old school throwback picture of my brother and I–a relative posted this earlier last week and I still can’t get over how long ago this was! And how I managed to rock short hair as a kid (I’ve tried as an adult, it’s something that does NOT work!)


2. I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for Halloween. I won’t spoil what the costume is, but I picked up this red sequined bodysuit at H&M (it was super discounted, long story) on a whim…and I’m so freaking excited for Halloween! I can’t wait! (Expect Halloween DIY post coming soon!) I’m pumped.


3. Although I love Aloha Eats, the other day my friends and I decided to grab food in Lincoln park, and I didn’t go with a few of them to grab Aloha Eats. My friend Stephon and I decided to forego the usual, and go get Del Seoul instead… and of course, with our luck Del Seoul was closed for a family event! As we walked down the street, I pointed out Sultan’s Market (I’m a HUGE fan of the Wicker Park location!), and we headed in. He got lamb schwarma, and I got chicken…and when we met up with our other friends one of them wanted schwarma so badly that he got Aloha Eats AND Sultan’s Market! I love how big their combo plates are and how I can easily make a second meal out of it (the best thing to bring to lunch is leftovers!). I’m a huge fan of their lentil soup, chicken schwarma, hummus and falafel. And pretty much everything I’ve tried from there!


4. One of the things I love in this world is my friend Manny’s mac and cheese (he’s never going to give me his grandmother’s recipe!). It’s creamy, rich, delicious, and absolutely perfect. The one thing he has divulged is that there is cream of mushroom soup, which is a staple whenever I make mac and cheese. Last night he cooked dinner for all of us, and made this baked buttermilk “fried” chicken, which is honestly, the best fried chicken I have ever had in my entire life. Luckily for me, he and Stephon were sweet enough to let me take a to-go box home, and now I’m having the biggest cravings, now that I remember that I have a box at home…


5. I do my eye makeup in a weird order (tutorial coming soon), and I’m sad to announce that my discontinued Sephora eyeliner that I use as a cream eyeshadow stick, is almost at the end of its life. I’ve been looking for a new substitute in my makeup routine, and sadly have not found one that I like enough…all the other shadow sticks I’ve tried have creased and settled in weird places. Or they have been way too oily and slippery on my already oily eyelids. I’ll keep you all updated on the hunt, of course.


6. Although this is a terribly taken selfie taken in terrible lighting, I am pleased to tell you guys that I ordered one of those selfie ring light things. I’m not even going to pretend like I’m not excited…it arrives today! Also, I tweezed my brows so now they’ll all extra fleek-y!

(Please ignore my terrible eye makeup in the last photo, like I said–I’m experimenting with replacement shadows!)

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