Interviewing…Me and You (The Unabridged Sass Blogger Tag)


I have always hated interviews. They always make me ridiculously nervous, and I always freak out. I have freaked out before every interview that I have ever had in my entire life, whether in the bathroom of my apartment, a nearby coffee shop, or the next classroom over…EVERYWHERE.


In blogging I have met a lot of really cool people on the interwebs, and whenever I get a comment I love responding and talking to all of you! I have been wrapping my mind over how to get you all to know me a little better (I love learning things about the bloggers I read, and also I’m nosy like that), and of a way to get to know all of YOU better!

SO, I have answered the following questions, and tag all of YOU to answer these questions. Please feel free to post these questions on your blog, and to tag other people as well! (The bloggers I’m tagging will be at the bottom)

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I am twenty one, 5’5 and living in Chicago. My roommate is from El Salvador (Lucy’s from El Salvador, Cher!). I work part-time as  Development Associate at a non-profit organization that helps displaced persons in Chicago (primarily the homeless). I’m working on my Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences, and I absolutely love cheese fries (my favorite are the ones from Portillo’s!). My favorite lip product is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral, and my favorite color is the color green. I drink tons of sparkling water and my favorite “nice” restaurant is Tavern at the Park. I am sassy, brazen, and have had my appearance compared to cartoon villanesses before.  

Describe your blog in four words.

Sassy, imperfect, real, creative

What exactly made you want to start a blog?

I had blogged about my personal life and boys for a long time–after a rocky break up, I wanted to create something new and a project for myself.

I started a relationship consultation business (think Hitch), and although that was fun for a month, a lot of my clients kept trying to date me…awkward.

I then signed up to write for The Odyssey Online at my university’s chapter, and then honestly, realized that they were super unprofessional. Also, when it comes to writing I only like editing my own writing (I was EIC of my school paper for two years). I didn’t want to be confined by anyone else’s restrictions, and found that the editor for The Odyssey was honestly, a total ditz, and also unqualified. She removed the best content from a lot of my writing…and I wanted to be my own boss.

So, I made this blog. I wanted it to be a real, genuine, sassy, bad-ass, feminist, strong, independent, collaborative and creative kind of space–something that The Odyssey Online was highly against when I collaborated with them! So, The Unabridged Sass was born!

Tell me the most memorable thing that has happened to you this year.

When I was nineteen, I thought I met this boy that I was going to spend the rest of my life with….that was clearly not the case. Although I hate attributing a memorable moment to a guy, it was a really big change and transition period. I learned so much, and matured so much as a result of what happened. And I’ve talked about this tons of times on my blog, so I’ll stop here.

Tell me about a time that you took a huge risk–did it pay off? What happened?

I used to work for another non-profit organization, and to be honest I was absolutely miserable there. I wasn’t happy, and I wasn’t respected or appreciated by my colleagues. It got really bad at the beginning of summer, I was working full-time, taking classes, and working in a really toxic and unpleasant work environment. It made me stressed and sad, and I really needed to honestly just leave. But I was so afraid of quitting, until I received some very good advice. So, I sent my two weeks notice, finished up my exit period, and never looked back. And I am so grateful that I took that leap into the unknown.

If you could have dinner with any two people, dead or alive, fictitious or real, who would they be? Why?

Mindy Lahiri and Anna Wintour. They are both strong, independent, and successful women whose tenacity and determination I strongly admire. I think they would be wonderful dinner company.

Who are your “fictional three” tv characters? (Pick three tv characters that are, well, you AF)

OKAY, after thinking about this for a while, I think I’ve got it. Mindy Lahiri, Robin Scherbatsky, Monica Geller.

What do you think makes your blog unique from others?

People say it’s the “real” aspect of it. And I would agree. You don’t meet many beauty/fashion/lifestyle bloggers that tell you about the terrible dates they’ve been on!

If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

The Cheetos fried chicken my friends and I are cooking tonight.

What is your favorite quote?

“The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.”

-Mohadesa Najumi


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  1. Hey sweet girl!!! Oh I want to respond so badly to these questions and I loved reading your responses! Life is so hectic right now, but I am so honored that you tagged me ❤

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