Yums of the Week #1

The start of my week was a good one–my friend Manny made his famous recipe for macaroni and cheese… it was SO delicious (as usual). I’ve been dying for the recipe since I had it a year ago, but Manny won’t budge on his grandma’s recipe! He paired it with Valentina marinated, buttermilk baked fried chicken, and garlic bread. I brought Italian turtle cookies (I forgot to take a picture!). I swear this was the best fried chicken I have ever had in my entire life. 

Went with a few friends out the other day to the DS Tequila Factory for twenty five cent wing night. You read that right. CHICKEN WINGS FOR A QUARTER. My friends love going, and this was my first time trying this place, and I have to say that I absolutely loved it! 

The wings were generously sized, and there was a good amount of sauces to pick from–I opted for the XXX (I didn’t find it too spicy, but then again I really love spicy foods!) and the Raspberry Chipotle. I got a side of their jalapeño ranch on the side, and of course a Stella (it’s my fave!).

The wings were delicious; my favorite were the XXX. I found the Raspberry Chipotle ones to be really good, but they were a tad bit sweet for me! Regardless they were such a bargain and absolutely delicious.

My friends told me to try putting my hair to the side and curling it, and I tried it for the first time when we went out that night! I wore dark green jeggings, a cute crochet crop top, heeled booties, and a denim jacket. I paired red lipstick with the vintage inspired hair (sorry this picture isn’t the best–the inside of the bar is pretty dim!)

We went to get a few drinks later that night, and I ordered what I call (and my friends call) a Stephon Sunrise. Named after my friend Stephon, who bought me this drink on my twenty first birthday, it’s a mixture of Malibu and pineapple juice! It’s fruity, refreshing, and definitely not too heavy or crazy! 

On Wednesdays, my friends and I always have Wednesday night dinner, where we cook dinner, do homework, and hang out! This week, we were all planning on making chicken curry… that plan completely flew out of the door. I got a great deal on some chicken breasts, and the stuff to make Stephon Sunrises as well as Cheetos chicken ingredients.

I followed the recipe that I saw on Pinterest, but decided to fry the chicken instead of baking it (my friend Julio usually eats really clean so Wednesdays are his cheat days!). That was a mistake. The Cheetos coating fell off of ALL of the chicken, and left it a weird red tint! All of the Cheetos fell into the bottom of my frying pan, so we basically wasted all those Cheetos… boo.

Because of the fact the Cheetos were burning, we had to take the chicken out too soon… the insides were raw. So, we had to microwave the 80% cooked “fried chicken” (what, we were hungry!)

The “plain” chicken tenders (recipe soon!) ended up being everyone’s favorite chicken that night! We also had biscuits, and Julio brought all the fixings to make baked potatoes! Although the Cheetos chicken was super oily and definitely a mess, the rest of the dinner was a success! Next week we are making crock pot tacos.

Tonight my roommate and I are making chicken pizza with the leftover chicken. I accidentally bought pizza crust instead of frozen cinnamon rolls so we are improvising… I’ll be sure to post a recipe once it’s done!

As for lunches, I have been trying to have “protein packs” for lunch. You know, those cute little containers at the supermarket with cheese, hummus, veggies, meat all packaged prettily? Well, I packed my lunch EVERY DAY THIS WEEK (yay!) and included a babybel cheese, a good amount of beef jerky, healthyish crackers, hummus, and some fruit! However, this left me STARVING until I went to class or home! So, I think I’m going back to my mason jar salads… (I’ll definitely share pictures next week!)

This week’s post is a little earlier than expected, but tell me if you like these food posts! Have a great weekend everyone!

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