My Picks For The Colourpop Free Shipping Sale

Note– I would recommend the eff out of Fighter by Colourpop, which is my go-to red lipstick, but it is sadly discontinued.

(Also I am currently on vacay for the weekend, so once again, I sneakily slid in some iPhone screenshot pics. Sorry y’all, this sale was just TOO good not to blog about)

I managed to limit myself to ONE purchase (there is a v. special blog post coming up!) and snagged Maneater, which is a rose gold kind of metallic lipstick. This is my first metallic lipstick… so we will see how it goes. Anyways, on to the picks!

Matte Lippie Stix in Lumiere

(This picture is OLDDDD–can you tell by the difference in makeup? It’s over a year and a half old!)

Their matte lippie stix is one of my favorite lipstick formulations (my #1 favorite is the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks), as it is creamy and moisturizing, but is still matte. Lumiere is one of those few shades that is universally flattering on all skin tones, and is perfect for any occasion.

Matte Lippie Stix in Brink

(This one is older… almost two years!)

Brink is one of those perfect, but not boring nude lipsticks. It’s the perfect neutral and nude, but the subtle bit of pink really perks up the lips! This lipstick doesn’t look as good on me now as it used to (who knows why… lol), but it’s one of the few lipsticks that I’ve used up and repurchased. I even bought one for my mother, it’s her favorite!

Ultra Satin Lip in Dopey

I prefer the Ultra Satin lip formula to the Ultra Matte; I’ve talked about how this is one of my favorite lipsticks multiple times on the blog. The dusty rose/mauve color is perfect for fall, and is an easy pick when you don’t know what color to pick for the day!

I hope these picks helped you all out–Colourpop does not normally offer free shipping so this is a great deal! And it seems like a lot of stuff is in stock!

Also, I’m laughing at how much my makeup has changed over the years… can you believe that in the older pictures I’m wearing foundation and I’m not in the third (I wear very lightly tinted sunscreen)? And my brow game has definitely gotten better!

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