Fifty Shades of Olive (My Travelling Outfit)

I think I’ve successfully persuaded my friends to take pictures of my outfits for this site (I still haven’t decided if I want to do regular outfit posts or just post things as I please), but for now I’m testing out ways to show you guys outfit details!

I paired this outfit with no makeup and a messy bun, since I was traveling to visit my parents and brother for the weekend! The weather in Chicago has been very hot and cold, so I wore a loose, breezy blouse with some jeggings and suede booties. 

I’m enjoying these shoes while I still can, because as we all know, suede booties are some of the most impractical shoes, especially in Chicago! I’m always so paranoid that they’ll get wet or dirty!

The top I wore was a loose, breezy vintage floral top that was a light olive color. And when I say vintage, I literally mean vintage because this was one of my mother’s blouses when she was younger! It’s a half sleeve blouse, which I happen to find a perfect transitional piece for warmer to colder weather.

I got the dark green jeggings from UNIQLO, they were on super sale and are the comfiest pair of pants that I own! They are made of a really durable and nice material, and definitely were worth the money that I paid for them! I don’t usually shop at UNIQLO, but I’m definitely tempted to head back and get another pair of pants!

The suede booties are slightly heeled, and are a dark olive green (I love the color olive for fall). I love them–even if they are a little impractical!

My bag is a olive green nylon tote that I purchased from Amazon.

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