Never Buy Lip Products Again With These New Sets From Sephora

Disclaimer: definitely not sponsored by Sephora, but a girl can dream right?

Okay, who am I kidding… even if I owned any of these sets I’d still be tempted to keep buying more lip products…

I was recently perusing the Sephora website, when they suddenly added a bunch of new value sets! I am a lover of steals and deals, especially when it comes to makeup! I think value sets are a great way to get higher end products for the drugstore price, and around the holidays it seems like brands are cranking them out like no other!

Although the purpose might be for gifting other people, there’s no harm in getting these for yourself… whether you want to build up your collection or you just wanna buy some new products!

(I’ll update this post with better pictures and links when I’m back home, sorry guys, I just got so excited!)

Okay, these might be minis, but all three of these add to more than ONE. Plus, it’s pretty darn close to the price of one… but you get three! That’s a lot more variety for you to try and experiment! I’ve talked time and time again about how much I love the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, and I would honestly snatch this set up if I didn’t have one already!

Or maybe this set… how about I just forward this link to all of my loved ones? Ugh, SUCH a tempting deal! (And this tin is just TOO cute!)

These Clinique Chubby Sticks have launched a million dupes–from the infamous Neutrogena ones to the Wet N Wild ones… they’re a cult classic. In this set, you get six cute minis in varying shades. Each one is perfect for a different occasion! This gift is perfect for beginners, people starting to build up their collection, or well, anyone, really! (What is up with these cute AF tins?!?)

I love the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks, and earlier this year Urban Decay launched the VICE Lipsticks (they did a HUGE reboot with over two hundred shades!). Although I am tremendously loyal to the Revolution Lipsticks, the fact that they are discontinued forever kind of puts a damper on things (lol..), so this palette is a great way to try out their new formula! I know I’ve said this for every set, but this literally has almost all your bases covered, shade-wise! I mean, look at that dark green! Plus, it’s a pretty good darn value, 35/12 = 2.91!

I’d like to think that in this set, you get twice the value because the Insta-Matte changes the finish of each lipstick you get, and every other lipstick you own!

The one set I will probably 90% get…

The Sephora Cream Lip Stain is one of the best matte liquid lipsticks out there, and the fact that this set is more than 50% less in cost than the others makes it that much more appealing! There’s four different shades, and they included a really nice variety in this set! Plus, all the colors seem very wearable and easy to wear, which makes it even more of a guaranteed success of a purchase. The smaller sizes make it perfect for throwing into a clutch or a purse, and the $3 per tube make it an even harder purchase to resist!

I hope this helped all of you out, and I promise this is my last “makeup deal” blog post this weekend. Have a great weekend guys!

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