20 Truths About Dating As A Millennial 


1. You will encounter some pretty gross people.

2. At least one that gets mad that you won’t date them, because they think they’re entitled to you, if they’re interested in you.

3. At least one that thinks they’re obligated to you, because they “put time in.”

4. At least one that complains behind your back about how you friend zoned them.

5. At least one who non-stop bugs you, and WILL NOT GET THE HINT.

6. They might all be one dude.

7. You will have a devastating, tragic millennial break up.

8. That no one will take seriously because you’re in your twenties.

9. You will have a family member constantly asking why you don’t have a significant other.

10. Someone will lie about the seriousness of your relationship with them–at least once or twice.

11. You will make mistakes.

12. People will non-stop remind you about past relationships.

13. You will meet people that you fall in love with for only a night, or only a few minutes–and that’s okay.

14. You will also meet people that profoundly affect you, after only a brief time together.

15. You will be conflicted between meeting someone and living happily ever after, and left swiping everyone you encounter.

16. The “type” of person you like will change a bunch of times, as you discover what you like and don’t like.

17. You will freak out at some point as to why someone hasn’t texted you back… or called you.

18. You will meet someone who follows 1950’s style, old fashioned dating rules, and they will confuse you.“

19. You will contemplate giving up and living alone forever with a bunch of puppies and plenty of booze.

20. These experiences will give you some of the best stories of your life.

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