Flittering into DMs


Image/Swatch Credit: Temptalia

There are a few people who I go to for swatches, and whole heartedly trust. I’ve learned that to get the best bang for your makeup buck, you really have to research the product. This includes swatches, reviews, the whole nine yards.

And I’m not going to lie, this color looked so good on Christine from Temptalia that I could not resist.


Image Credit: Temptalia


(Screenshot taken from the site of Colourpop Cosmetics)

Flitter into DMs. You guys–I could be flittering into people’s DMs.

Just kidding.

It looks like Jouer’s Papaye, which as we all know, the Internet got super thirsty for when it first launched.


See? There’s even a MEME.


*cough* 43.8k repins *cough*

(Side note- I would never wear Papaye, I think it’s a little too light for my skin tone. But Flitter seems perfect because it has a warm undertone and is a little darker).

Anyways, after a lot of Googling and convincing myself that I would look like a magical fairy unicorn princess, I ended up adding it to my cart before the free shipping promo ended.

It’s just such a unique lipstick!

I’m excited for this to arrive, and I’m excited for my first step (more like leap, huh?) into metallic lipsticks. They’ve definitely been trending recently, but I haven’t been fearless enough to test it out. I feel like they keep coming out with more and more crazy lip trends, because I swear that months ago when this thing just started, metallic lipstick intimidated me so much that I said that I would never give it a go!

I mean, that’s what I’m saying now about the whole glitter lip kit trend, but who knows, maybe in a year it’ll be the norm! Like matte liquid lipsticks!

I’ll be sure to post a review and swatches (I got Maneater too!) as soon as both lipsticks arrive. I think I was just too excited that I just had to write a blog post about it, lol.

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