Julep Eyeshadow 101- My New Favorite Eyeshadow Stick

I don’t like Ultas.

I know, I’m the worst. Throw a stone at me, I’m terrible.

I don’t like Ultas in the same way I don’t like Sephoras–I swear a girl can’t walk around and peruse makeup without someone getting all up in your face. Plus I find that Ulta employees rarely give me USEFUL recommendations, Sephora employees can at least be helpful and knowledgeable in finding what you need. I’ve had bad experiences in both, but I just don’t find Ulta appealing because they always try so hard to push the higher end makeup rather than the drugstore makeup… which is why people go to Ulta!

They have the WHOLE range of Essence, NYX Cosmetics, Makeup Revolution, etc–which can be SO hard to find in an actual drugstore!

Target has really been upping their drugstore game, so I usually go there.

Except I was on my lunch break at work, casually looking at NYX shadow sticks, when I asked an Ulta employee their opinion. You know, after she attacked me like a lion in a gazelle.

“Those are really good?” She said, commenting on the shadow stick.

“Really?” I asked, although I clearly knew they were “good” based on my incessant googling and research. “I’ve been using a cream liner as cream shadow and it’s been getting really heavy and it’s running low.”
I looked over at the Ulta employee, who looked at me in horror, as if I said I used Sharpie as eyeliner.

I know what I’m doing okay? It happens to work WONDERFULLY as a cream shadow. You know, except it’s almost gone and the other cream shadows I’ve been using have been SO heavy.

“It’s good.”

“So you’d recommend it?”

“Yeah, I guess. It’s good, for that price point,” she said, snootily, as she rolled her eyes at me.

Am I the only one who thinks that Ulta and Sephora employees will brush you off unless you’re walking around in Loubs and carrying a Chloe bag?

“What would you recommend, then? Not in this price point.” I asked, giving her my raised eyebrow, cartoon villainess look.

“The ones by Julep,” she responded, snippily.

“The people that make nail polish?”

To clarify–the people that make crappy nail polish.

“They make nail polish? I didn’t know that!” She said, completely shocked.

I will admit that I questioned how she didn’t know that Julep made nail polish… especially since Ulta SELLS Julep nail polish, and Ulta talks about how their employees are makeup gurus. Just saying!

Anyways, she showed me that Julep had these cream shadow sticks. And although I will admit she wasn’t the nicest, these eyeshadow sticks are AMAZING.

A waterproof, crème-to-powder shadow stick on top with a spongy smudger on the other end. Expect huge color payoff and crease-proof, stay-all-day power.
To use: Apply color onto your lids with the eyeshadow stick side and (before the color dries and sets) blend with fingers or the built-in smudger. For best results, prime the smudger by applying Eyeshadow 101 to the back of your hand, then load shadow onto the smudger prior to use.

Vitamin E antioxidant protects from free radical damage and dehydration

Vitamin C antioxidant treats environmental damage and improves tone and texture

Aloe Leaf Juice soothes and reduces inflammation

“I named this Eyeshadow 101 because it makes creating great eye looks so easy and mistake-proof.” – Jane Park, CEO/Founder

I picked up the olive green shimmer shade, because well, obvious reasons.

What really sold me was that this product was formulated for sensitive eyes, and that it had nicer ingredients than other shadow sticks on the market!

The shadow stick has really really nice packaging. Product is on one end, and a blending sponge is on one end. The caps for both ends are very secure, so you could easily throw it into a bag or purse! The pen is made of metal-looking plastic and is twist up–think of UD’s Revolution Lipsticks’ packaging. It’s sturdy though, and looks very nice.  I initially thought it was metal.

The blending sponge is fine, I find it to be better used to sheet out the shadow rather than blending out the edges. I usually use my fingers to blend out the edges.

The stick glides on effortlessly and creamily. It is non-greasy, smooth, and very light (not heavy like other cream shadows). The color pay-off is really great from the shadow stick, and there is a good variety of naturalish shades (think browns, champagnes, taupes, etc).

I like how light it is in consistency, but that it doesn’t compromise in color pay-off or pigment! And the non-oily and non-greasy texture is great–it really does turn into a powder finish. But not a chalky powder finish!

I will admit that you should probably use a primer for this shadow stick, like many others it is not crease-proof. But all in all, it’s still a phenomenal product and my new favorite shadow stick!

It’s incredibly easy to use, light weight, pigmented, and definitely portable! And it does not fade throughout the day!

A terrible confession- I have fallen asleep with this on my lids, and you can truly tell that this product was formulated for sensitive eyes, because my eyes weren’t irritated the next day, I didn’t get styes, and they did not have that gross “heavy” feeling.

It’s definitely my new favorite shadow stick, and makes my eye makeup look even more effortlessly easy!

5 thoughts on “Julep Eyeshadow 101- My New Favorite Eyeshadow Stick

      1. Literally me every time I’m at Sephora! And Ulta salespeople are SO unhelpful and super snobby–it’s like, “what are you talking about”


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