How to Cold Brew Tea (The Lazy Way!)

I need my daily fix of tea.

My favorite is the Tazo Zen tea, but I don’t have five minutes in the morning to brew the hot tea. And also–I prefer iced tea! 

Any shortcuts that allow you to get an extra five minutes of sleep is a great one, right? (I mean today, I made the choice of an extra fifteen minutes of sleep rather than being pretty, so I didn’t do my makeup this morning!)

There’s different benefits to cold brewing tea, and different methods. I’m not a nutritionist or a healthcare professional so I’m going to steer clear of giving you health advice.

I’m just going to say that this is a timesaver, and a tea drinking game changer. Because I can literally wake up, get ready, grab my travel mug and be out the door! I find that cold brewed tea tastes smoother and less plucky that brewed tea, I happen to like that.

Anyways, this is how you do it-

You will need:

  • Tea bags
  • A container with a lid (mason jar, travel mug, etc)
  • Water


  1. Put cold or room temp water (yes COLD) in your container.
  2. Add tea bag(s).
  3. Place lid on top–make sure it’s secure!
  4. Place in fridge overnight.
  5. Grab tea in the morning when dying from lack of sleep, and head out the door!

See? Easy tea-sy! (Sorry I had to!)

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