The Easiest, Laziest Spaghetti You’ll Ever Make (Microwave Recipe)

I like to think of this recipe as Chef Boyardee for adults.

It’s definitely not a dish I make when I have guest over or I want to impress. This is something that I throw together when I want a fast, easy, quick meal. I don’t like to eat pre-made meals, so I’ll make this spaghetti with veggies! I usually only do this for lunch, or later nights when I’m feeling like having a lazy meal.

You will need:

  • Spaghetti (I have not tried this with other pastas)
  • Sauce
  • Veggies (optional)
  • Seasonings
  • Water
  • A microwaveable bowl
  • Fork

Here’s how to do it:

Break your spaghetti into thirds and toss into a microwaveable bowl. I’m using whole wheat spaghetti, which is why mine looks a little weird.

Add JUST ENOUGH water to cover the spaghetti, and microwave at three minute intervals until spaghetti is at your desired consistency. I like mine al dente.

When drained, your spaghetti should look like so. Magically cooked by the power of the microwave. Drain the water.

Add sauce and season the hell out of everything. I like flavor so I use a variety of seasonings, for this particular batch I didnt use sauce, but rather opted for tomato paste. And yes, this method works for alfredo sauces as well. Feel free to add kale or any veggies; I was just craving plain spaghetti that day.

Mix everything so your spaghetti is coated and your sauce is flavored sufficiently. I like there to be a little bit more sauce than needed… because the next step is…

Microwave one last time so your flavors marry and your spaghetti is HOT. Enjoy!

Much better, and easier than the stuff in a can, right?

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