Wonder Woman Part 2- Pictures and Details Behind The Costume (Halloween 2016)

I’ve been sneakily releasing sneak peeks…

From my old sidebar photo

To the sneak peek post that I posted earlier last week…

I love Halloween. I love Halloween and I don’t think that you have to compromise your integrity to slay on Halloween. You can be a strong, independence, feminist woman and wear a costume that makes you look hot without it compromising your integrity (I’m looking at you, “sexy schoolgirl” and “slutty nurse” costumes). 

I originally wanted to go as Cher from Clueless, but man, you would not imagine how difficult it is to track down some yellow plaid! I then decided to go as Wonder Woman, because well… I’d like to think that I’m Wonder Woman, in a way. My friends say that I’m Wonder Woman when asked what superheroine I am, and I’m a huge freaking fan.

Last year I let someone pick my costume… that’ll definitely be the last time that ever happens. 

So, I knew I wanted to make an impression and being Wonder Woman was the obvious answer! I love Wonder Woman!

I picked up the sparkly red bodysuit from H&M, got the bright blue shorts on super sale from Ragstock, and I made the belt, cuffs, and stars from felt and a lot of crazy glue.

So, here’s the full look!

I curled my hair with a 1 inch curling iron (whoa my hair is getting long), and did a gold eye makeup look paired with the perfect red lipstick….and manicure and pedicure.

Instead of the typical red boots, I opted for cute mustard colored wedges to balance the whole look out! Much more comfy and it’s my own little twist on the outfit.

My friend went as a doctor and my roommate went as Cleopatra!

I wish that I had taken better pictures of my makeup in retrospect, but I have this (quasi blurry) Snapchat selfie that I quickly took that night!

And a close up Snapchat picture of the whole outfit!

All in all, I’m definitely very pleased with how everything turned out and the completed look–it was so fun making the costume and personalizing Wonder Woman’s signature look to make it a little more… Chrissey.

Have a great week guys, and be sure to tell me what you’re wearing this year for a costume!

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