Bacon (Big Blog News + A Story!)


I have news for you guys.

Pretty exciting, blog-affecting news.

This explanation starts with a story–I have a lot of stories. I worry that I’m turning into Ted Mosby and losing my Robin Scherbatsky-ness.

It’s weird how even a small decision can change the course of your life, and how a small decision can be a much bigger decision than you imagined it would be, in that moment.

Way to generate more anxiety, Chrissey.


I’m so dramatic sometimes, lol.

So it was a regular kind of Wednesday, I was working on my Wonder Woman costume, and my roommate Joanna was at Target picking up some things for Wednesday Night Dinner. Wednesday Night Dinner is a tradition in my friend group, and it is exactly what it sounds like–on Wednesday nights, my friends all come over for dinner. We all cook together, gossip, laugh, throw shade, catch up.

It brings out my inner Monica Geller, and I’m lowkey kind of super anal about things, and tremendously picky. Joanna had texted me, asking me what she should pick up for dinner that night. Strangely enough, I had been craving bacon. We were making chicken alfredo pizza, so, bacon would only make things better right?

I sent her a text to pick up some bacon, and then continued to work on my costume.

Our friend Julio stopped by a little while later, and like usual, he asked me if there was anything that he could do.

“It’s okay, I got this,” I said, as I heated up some garlic buttery chicken in my non-stick pan. I have this strange idiosyncrasy of always cooking with chopsticks; it’s something that I picked up from my father.

“Chrissey, please? C’mon, let me do something.”

I shook my head.

“Come on, Chrissey, you never let me do anything,” he said, gesturing at my Monica Geller-ness. I paused for a moment, and then decided to appease him. It was true–I never did let him do anything.

Besides pick up dessert.

“Okay, I guess you can cook the bacon,” I said, as I finished up the chicken.

As Julio fried the bacon, and placed it on the paper towel, I picked up a piece, and ate it. I quite possibly ate about five pieces, before we even started making the dinner. I chomped on a piece of bacon, as Joanna finished up on her homework, and joined us in the kitchen.

The rest of the dinner went as usual, I took my photos for the blog (now, in retrospect I don’t really know why, because I’ve posted the recipe already), we laughed and caught up, and just hung out as friends.

And as this happened, there was a gross feeling in my stomach that just kept getting worse and worse. I sat there, smiling, as my stomach felt like it was going to spontaneously combust. I channeled my inner Monica Geller, pretending to act perfectly breezy and calm, although internally my body was going through chaos.

And I maintained my composure, until I felt like I was literally going to die.

I got so sick that night. I was so sick that night that my roommate had to hurry to the nearest drugstore to get me medicine and ginger ale. Crackers, as well. I won’t go into detail, but at one brief moment I felt as if I died and came back to life. I still felt like absolute shit, but I was alive. I felt terrible, and as this happened, I knew that I never wanted to eat bacon again. And that for me, eating meat again…it wasn’t something that wasn’t going to happen.

The next day, I saw a steak on TV and dry heaved.

Since that Wednesday, I have been a vegetarian.* This is why I haven’t posted any Yums of the Week, or shared what I’ve been eating…I’ve been eating some pretty random things since transitioning. My friends have been really cool, and honestly it isn’t really a challenge. Even before this happened, I never really ate meat unless it was when I was with my friends.

*so far, I might cheat once in a while and eat fish or a teeeny bit of chicken.

I even once went vegan for two months during my underclassmen years of undergrad!

Anyways, this is the big, blog-changing news, lol.

Sorry if I worried any of you.

From now on, all food posts will be vegetarian,* I just wanted to officially tell all of you, so you wouldn’t be confused reading future posts.

I’m still navigating things, so if any of you have tips, tricks, or recipes, I’d love them!

3 thoughts on “Bacon (Big Blog News + A Story!)

      1. Hehe- oh girl, I have got a long way to go! But that is so sweet of you to say! And yes absolutely, I agree. Your listening to your body’s needs which is so so important!

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