Current Song Love: Fashion by The Royal Concept

Am I the only one who pretends when I’m walking (through campus, down the street), or going about my daily activities that I’m on my very own sitcom, ala The Mindy Project or Crazy Ex GirlfriendLowkey, sometimes I even narrate a little bit in my brain. Is that weird?

I think everyone has their own theme song to their personal sitcom, and well, this is mine.

I debated even writing this blog post, but after being responsible for (probably) approximately of the views on this song’s Youtube video, I just had to share.


I don’t think anyone would watch my imaginary sitcom. I do imagine that it would be called The Unabridged Sass.



5 thoughts on “Current Song Love: Fashion by The Royal Concept

  1. The Sitcom competition is not that stellar these days, so you may be a hit in waiting.

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  2. This is great!! I love that you admit that too, I would surely watch your sitcom!

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