Yums of the Week(ish) #2

After yesterday’s announcement, I’m excited to share with you guys the very first Yums of the Week since I became a vegetarian. It’s definitely been a learning process and I’ve been having fun making different foods, and also trying to find new favorites at familiar places! Anyways, here we go!


This is one of my favorite quick, speedy meals. It’s definitely filling and super delicious too! I get vegetable stuffed parathas from the store (they’re pre-cooked and frozen), and I butter a baking sheet, place the paratha on top, and then load it with toppings. This one has spicy refried beans, kale, mushrooms, cheese, and plenty of seasonings. It’s super filling and so customizable. I think if you used mashed potatoes instead of refried beans it would be tasty too!


I had some tofu in my fridge, so I marinated it with a soy sauce and spicy kind of marinade, and then pan-fried it! I served it alongside some whole wheat spaghetti with a spicy mushroom, tomato, and kale sauce! I definitely didn’t think I would finish this whole plate when I took a picture…but I did! The tofu tasted amazing, and I definitely was full and satisfied after this meal as well! I’ve been really trying to incorporate healthy protein into my new diet.


I was at work one day and forgot to bring lunch, so I picked up some fries and hummus! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s an absolutely delicious combination. The hummus is creamy and zesty, and the fries are crunchy and hot. Trust me, I’m not totally crazy, it works!


One of my favorite things at Mariano’s is their per pound food. You can always find a really inexpensive dish to eat, and they make everything in-house! I usually would opt for their rotisserie chicken salad, so when my roommate and I went to the store this week, I kind of stood awkwardly at the counter because I had no idea what to get! The lady at the counter was SO helpful, and suggested this delicious pesto and Parmesan pasta salad. It was so flavorful and delicious, and I’m not a huge fan of really thick and heavy dressings, so the abundance of pesto was perfect. Plus…it was only $4 for a pound, what a steal!


There is an old school Italian deli by campus, and it’s a tradition for me and Ashley to go grab lunch there. I used to LOVE their corned beef sandwiches, and I was a little nervous about going to a DELI and expecting a vegetarian sandwich. Surprisingly enough, they did! It has THREE CHEESES (yum), pickles, olives, hot peppers, cucumbers, and their signature olive and vinegar blend. The sandwich was definitely tasty, and I’m so glad they had an option that I could have! (Even if they didn’t…I would be totally okay just eating potato salad…)


I went to Chipotle with a friend, and I was a little nervous about trying out their Sofritas (which I haven’t had in foreverrrr). They were having a BOGO because the Cubs are going to The World Series (all of Chicago has been going CRAZY), and so I got my usual, but replaced Sofritas for meat. I get- brown rice, black beans, pinto beans, Sofritas, the red tomatillo salsa, a little bit of the corn salsa, a little bit of cheese, and lettuce. My friends always laugh at my double beans, but it’s something that I’ve done long before I was a vegetarian!

I hope you guys are having a great week so far, and I’m sorry there was no Yums of the Week last week! Have a great rest of your week, and be sure to share with me what your Yums of the Week are!

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