(Almost) All Grown Up

One of my best friends from high school came to visit me last night (she lives in Minnesota), and we had the absolute best time! The two of us met up in a bar, and we caught up about life and everything over some beers and tasty appetizers! It’s crazy to think that the two of us have been friends for TEN YEARS, and that we’ve basically grown up together.

(Can we acknowledge this photo quality though?)

And now, instead of super awkward teenagers we’re grown ass women. We met up in a bar–we’re in our early twenties! Craziness.

It’s moments like these where you really appreciate how far you’ve come, and all the amazing people have have been along for the journey.

I remember when we’d freak out over the littlest things, like whether or not a guy liked us back because he didn’t sit by us in class, or which homecoming dress to wear… now we’re both older, mature, and working on our careers. Sure, we might still talk about how boys are dumb (will they ever not be?), and now we freak over things that people in their early twenties do (health insurance, salaries, jobs, graduating), but we’ve definitely come a long way.

I remember being a kid and watching that episode of The Rugrats where they traveled into the future and we saw their teenage selves, ten years into the future. They were all so different, but in some ways, a little bit the same. And that’s how I feel now, looking back. I’m definitely glad I’m not the same awkward little teenage girl (also, I was really annoying), but there’s some traits about me that are always going to be part of me, although they change and develop as I mature.

Growing up is weird, and adulting (or pretending to) is weird, but although a lot of things change, some people stick around indefinitely, and some parts of you will change, but some really great parts will stay (sorta) the same. And I know I have a lot to go, and I know I’m going to keep evolving, but it’s just cool to look back and think about the little kiddo that (she and) I used to be.

2 thoughts on “(Almost) All Grown Up

    1. Thank you– I feel like everyone feels a little lost and like they’re kind of winging it. After all, what exactly constitutes an adult? That episode of Rugrats made me wonder why I wasn’t cool like them when I turned thirteen, hahah.

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