Date Night

I jokingly call my friend Stephon my “boyfriend,” his boyfriend and the rest of our friends think it’s hilarious. He and I go shopping, we go to restaurants that our other friends refuse to go to, and he’s always a phenomenal friend and there for me, when needed.

And when I was sitting in my apartment, channeling my inner Liz Lemon, after getting totally dumped (loooong story), Stephon called me and told me to get ready because the two of us were going on a friend date.

I threw on a floral dress, heeled booties, and decided to style my hair for once. I usually wear my hair straight, in a ponytail, or lightly curled, but Steph suggested doing a little something extra to it. I braided the upper layer of my hair on both sides, pulled it back, and then curled the bottom layers with a 3/4 inch curling iron.

We decided to go to Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba that night, which is one of my favorite restaurants! The food there is always SO good, and the tapas are so unique! 

The dinner was delicious, and it was great that I had such a phenomenal friend when I was feeling down. (Note–I know I said I am a vegetarian, but I just couldn’t resist the smoked salmon! I think I’m going to eat seafood if I go to restaurants, but stay vegetarian the other times!)

I like to consider myself a strong, independent lady, so I don’t like feeling down or upset (especially about a guy!), but Steph told me that when things like these happen you have to let it out. And he’s right.

Holding things in and pretending like you’re perfectly fine, definitely isn’t going to help! And after going out to dinner, hanging out with my friend, and letting everything out–I definitely feel ten million times better! 

This friend date was exactly what I needed, and it definitely took my mind off of things. Even though I’m the type of person to think I can handle things myself, I’m really grateful that I have friends to lean on if I need to.

And yeah, I know this isn’t the typical date night posts you get from other bloggers–but I’m always going to be genuine and honest with you all. I’ll admit that my best guy friend took me on a date after I got dumped, and I’ll admit that sometimes I get bummed too!

I know that a lot of people like to present things as if they’re perfect, but I promise that I’ll always be honest. 

15 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Just re-read this post- and I loveee that you guys went on a friend’s date. That’s amazing — most people would probably kill for a friendship like that! Also that food- YUM! Love that you are linking up for The Clever Chic Collection! I am having so much fun exploring these posts!

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    1. Thanks Mack! Friend dates are the absolute best, especially if you have delicious food! Do you want to join the collective? We’re always looking for new members! And I’m glad!

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      1. Awwww! That’s sooooo sweet of you to ask!!!! Since I’m not sure how much time I’ll have with the new job or what that will look like I might wait on jumping on board- but maybe in the future once I can gauge my free time?!? It’s so fun!!!!


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