Current Song Love: San Francisco by The Mowgli’s

  1. I promise this is the last time I will ever mention the boy from The Old Fashioned Modern Day “Love Story.”
    1. This is because he is dumb.
    2. And I’m sure you guys are tired of hearing about it.
    3. Also, I don’t really want to set a precedent for writing about failed romances on my blog.
    4. Also, because there was a real resolution.
  2. This ties together with this song, I promise.
  3. I promise that this is a real ending to the story. (By the way, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

I am a firm believer that music is the soundtrack to our lives, and I’ve said before that the theme to my life is Fashion by The Royal Concept.

Anyways, it was the class before the first class that he and I had since I had sent him my “ultimatum” (not really an ultimatum), and I was casually sitting in lecture, taking notes, when I started getting texts from my cell phone.

I looked down, and saw his name— Petty Health 120.

(Not even lying, that is one hundred percent his name in my phone). It was half an hour before class was supposed to begin, and I sat there in shock.

I had this whole plan in place–I was going to go to class, sit, and then never talk to him again and move forward with my life.

I read the texts, was instantly confused, and then screenshotted and sent them to my friends in a matter of nanoseconds.

Hannah: Damn…Also he didn’t actually respond to anything you actually said. 

Me: I know. What the damn hell is going on?

Hannah: Like why the f–k is he asking for your forgiveness about not responding? What the hell?

Joanna: Oh my god that’s a f–king long ass paragraph.


Basically, it was a bunch of meaningless words, because

  1. He did not choose me (lol).
  2. He wanted to be friends “for now”, although “only time will tell” what will happen between the two of us.

And then, I saw him in class, and after everything that happened, I just couldn’t help but laugh. We talked later about everything, and it honestly solidified that this was it.

After being there for him and helping him figure his shit out, I came to the realization that the excitement of that night was shattered. He was a mess, clueless, and even though I didn’t mind being there for him and helping him out… I couldn’t do this forever.

I wasn’t going to be with another man child and I didn’t want to take care of a twenty two year old kid. 

And that’s not how life works! Chrissey waits for no one.

Being friends was fine, but after not being picked and sitting there for ages helping him figure HIS mess out… this was it.

Suddenly, after a bunch of days of confusion and being bummed out, I couldn’t help but laugh at this whole situation. The resolution of this whole story was tremendously comical and completely unromantic–guy chooses his girlfriend yet proposes friendship and waiting to see what “maybe” could happen between them in the future, and girl decides to laugh it off? And then, girl sits in guy’s car helping him deal with his mess, even though she clearly knows what she’s doing and he’s in denial? 

Only in my sitcom.

Anyways, I heard this song after a long time and I couldn’t help but smile when I heard it. It’s one of those songs that makes you instantly happy when you hear it, and it’s so relatable to me right now.

I think this song is about letting yourself accept love when it spontaneously appears, and letting yourself go and cut loose once in a while–and simply laughing and shaking it off it it isn’t exactly what you expected, and just kind of just going with the flow.

It’s definitely a great song, and it’s perfect for moments when you’re looking back at how ridiculous you acted in the name of “love.”*

***definitely did not love him, lol.


4 thoughts on “Current Song Love: San Francisco by The Mowgli’s

  1. Oh girl, So sorry you have to deal with all that. Way many more fish in the sea (pond?!) what’s the expression?! You will be just fine. I also love this song that you shared. It actually threw me back to younger days. Anddddd I’m slightly biased because I love SF. You should just come visit and we can dance the night away- forget about all the boy probs, k?! ❤ xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s past the point of being sad and it’s become a lot more comical–I am definitely fine hahaha. Thank you for the kind words, I’ve always wanted to visit SF and it seems like such a dreamy place!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, well good! And it is- you probably can tell I’m pretty obsessed. If you come I really can give you the grand tour!! xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If I ever come I’ll be sure you tell you! We can grab brunch, of course!

        Liked by 1 person

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