A Normalish Girl Reviews The Ultra Exclusive/Boujie/Elitist Dating App, The League

I’m… unique. We’re all unique. But specifically, I’ve been told by guys that I’ve dated that I’m sassy, independent, outspoken, strong, etc. Public Health Boy told me that I was “wild” and “a trip.” He also told me that I was giving him really amazing advice and also roasting his life at the same time. ).

Me, in case you needed a reference..

I totally was–so I’m just going to assume his (kind of) poor choice in words are synonymous to what other people have told me. Sassy, smart, strong. (Or at least I would like to think so). Anyways.

I’m not sure how I got into “The League,” me being an ethnic young woman and all. My friends said that it’s my “above average” looks, but I think I’m a pretty typical young lady.

I applied to “The League” as a joke, and as result, I completely forget that I had even done so until months later (yes there’s a list… the current Chicago waiting list is 6,000 people), when they sent me an email telling me that I was “in.”

The League is like the Dom Perignon to Tinder’s Smirnoff. 

This app is built on the concept of exclusivity and the elite, which makes me kind of want to vomit, but I guess it’s working because so many people are getting drawn in. Basically, based on various aspects and components, the board evaluates your profile and application (you have to connect Facebook AND LinkedIn), and then approves you or makes you stay on the waitlist longer. Certain aspects move you up the list, and certain aspects kick you off the app. It’s all very strange and confusing, and quite honestly, it seems elitist and snobby.

BUT the developers claim that it’s to ensure everyone meets “high quality” matches.

And what exactly constitutes as “high quality” people?

I went on this app, and noticed a lot of things about my matches. The whole app is pretty standard, except it lets you filter out what you do and do not want. It’s kind of like the Donald Trump of dating apps–you can filter things by ethnicity, race, height, education…the list goes on.

It’s weird.

And it’s weird that whenever I got matched with someone, it meant that I “fit” their description of what they were looking for. At least on the books.

My matches were..

  • All finance guys.
  • All Caucasian (NOTE–I DID NOT FILTER FOR RACE. I filtered for height though, making the minimum height 5’10.
  • Pretentious
  • Show-offy
  • Snobbish
  • Obsessed with suits

And the funny thing is, these guys were men that I typically would swipe left on, for Tinder or any other dating app. The League boasts that they only give you a few matches per day, because they want to bring you the highest quality of people. But I noticed that the people were not exactly what I wanted…and it was so boring to only have a few matches per day (although not as bad as Coffee Meets Bagel).

There is also a weird automated concierge man that messages you tips to improve your profile, which I think is a little weird.

So basically, The League, being elitist and exclusive, presented me a bunch of guys that were not my ideal matches, or guys I would be potentially interested in. It seems like their community is composed of what they consider “ideal” individuals, while thousands of people are left waiting on the waiting list. I have a sneaky suspicion that the reason they only show you a few matches per day, is because people are only on there for a very short amount of time before they get weirded out and decide to leave.

(I only kept it to write a review!)

I think this whole exclusivity thing makes people project an even faker version of themselves than on typical dating apps, in order to fit the “image” and “ideal” that The League represents. And as for someone who believes in honesty and authenticity, this is off-putting.


It reminds me of the super exclusive world of the Upper East Side in Gossip Girl, except in this case, no one really wants to be part of The League.

BONUS: On the subject of dating apps, I think my least favorite has to be The League, then Coffee Meets Bagel (I don’t really want to wait like a year to meet people), and then Tinder/OKCupid/Bumble. I prefer meeting people in real life.


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