Hello Kitty x Colourpop Review, Unboxing, First Impressions

The Hello Kitty x Colourpop collection dropped last week (November 1st) for Hello Kitty’s birthday! As soon as I saw the photos a few weeks ago, I completely freaked out, and picked exactly what items I wanted. I knew that I wanted the makeup bag, the highlighter, and a few lip products… and so, I managed to exert some self-control and prevent myself from buying EVERYTHING.

I picked up the limited edition makeup bag, two lippie stix, and a highlighter.

As I arrived in my apartment building today, I nearly ran to the main desk to pick up my package, as I had been tracking and tracking my Colourpop package. To my delight, the package had arrived!

I opened it then and there in the lobby, out of complete and utter excitement.


I love the pattern on the box–the seafoam green and glossier pink floral print is SO CUTE. I wanted to keep this box just for the cute pattern, but my roommate was with me in the lobby (she walked in as I sat on the couches ripping open the box), and she told me that she had to throw out all of the random boxes I’ve been hoarding in our hallway closet. Oops.



Am I the only one who remembers back when they used to personalize cards with your names on it? And hand-write them? Back in the day when they first started?

All of the HK x CP products came in a red and blue metallic box, and were packaged INCREDIBLY well in order to prevent breaking of the product, or the boxes getting smushed. I’ve ordered from Colourpop before, and I have found that the paper envelope gets ripped and the boxes get smushed inside. So I’m glad they gave me a box!


Their HK lipsticks are SO cute, they have the Hello Kitty x Colourpop written along the classic white tube, while the cap is COVERED in metallic outlined little bows. They’re SO cute.


I picked up two colors–Konichiwa, and Let’s Play. Let’s Play is a satin luxe finish, which I had not heard of before! It is a bright, slightly pink red, with flecks of glitter. It looks quasi metallic, but definitely not in a tacky way. It reminds me of a tasteful, classy way of getting that metallic or glitter lip trend into your makeup collection. It is definitely a lot more red in person (see actual pictures later instead of hand swatches). Konichiwa is more of a mauve-y bubblegum pink.


The lipsticks seem a little bit more firm than the typical Lippie Stix from Colourpop, and the Konichiwa one smelled JUST like candy. It must be a special scent just for the HK x CP products, because I have never smelled it before! I have smelled vanilla scented lippies from them, but I swear this one smelled JUST like a lollipop!


The highlighter was sadly not covered in cute metallic outlined bows, but it had a nice little Hello Kitty design on the cap. It is a gold, iridescent highlighter that is definitely buildable. I thought the gold was SO unique, and that it would compliment my skin tone wonderfully so I picked it up!


The texture of the highlighter was something that I did not expect! It was a creamy consistency, but definitely very buttery and pigmented! It glided on effortlessly, and provided this GORGEOUS GLOW. It’s definitely one of those products that is buildable. I cant wait to try this on my cheekbones, and eyes! It is definitely a bouncy kind of texture when in the container, although it goes on creamy it dries to a powder finish.



I love it.


It has Hello Kitty outlines on the clear plastic part, with the bows in bright red to pop out. The bottom layer is bright blue, with of course, the words Hello Kitty x Colourpop. I love how the zipper is Hello Kitty’s signature red bow, and also how this makeup bag is one of the ones you can simply wipe clean! My current one is a DISASTER, so I definitely needed a new one!


I was so excited that I sat at the kitchen table and filled my new makeup bag with goodies…

Can you see Jojo’s salsa in the back?


On the left, we have Konichiwa, it is a bright bubble gum pink that smells almost as good as it looks! The formula was a little bit glossy, which is something new because I have only tried their matte Lippie Stix, but it definitely is a nice bright link that suits most skin tones! It has a bit of a more cool tone, and truly reminds me of bubblegum. It is not a matte finish, it is definitely a cream or satin, but it is pigmented and wears comfortably.

On the right, we have Let’s Play, which is in a formula that I have not heard of, called satin luxe. It is a glittery, quasi metallic-y finish, but it is so subtle that you can barely notice. I definitely love this color, as it is such a flattering red. I think it would look good on all skin tones. The red reminds me of Hello Kitty’s signature bow, and I think if you were to pick up one lip product from this collection, for me this would definitely be it. Although it is a pure red, with a faint bit of pink, and it can be argued that similar shades can be found…what differentiates this lipstick and makes it unique is the slight metallic and glittery flecks. Those qualities make this lipstick unique, and worth purchasing. I don’t have any other shade in my makeup bag like it.

I’m sorry that my lip images and swatches stink…I’m still getting used to this.

All in all, I absolutely love the packaging, and quality of these products! I’m so excited to have them in my makeup collection, and to have a nice new makeup bag!

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