Sixteen Random Facts

I’ve been getting a lot of new comments, and I’ve been seeing a bunch of new faces around these parts, so I decided to share with you all sixteen random facts, about yours truly. A bit part of what makes the blogs I follow so great are the amazing individuals that run them, so it’s always nice to see who you’re reading and to see whose perspective you’re looking through!

  1. I got really, really sick from tortellini two years ago when I made some for dinner for me and an ex, so now I HATE tortellini and never eat it. The ONE time a year I have tortellini is at Italian Fest every summer, from the Mia Francesca booth. THAT IS IT.
  2. My coffee order is an iced black coffee, with a shot of espresso.
  3. I bake when there’s a lot on my mind, or I am upset or stressed out.
  4. I love french fries (especially cheese fries), I could eat them endlessly. My favorite cheese fries ever are from Portillo’s, I get one large order of cheese fries and an order of regular fries so that my cheese to fry ratio is how I like it!
  5. Whenever I do my makeup, I always, always watch an episode of The Mindy Project while doing so, even though I finish earlier. It’s the perfect start to my morning!
  6. I am the world’s BIGGEST foodie. I am always talking about new foods and restaurants, and am super adventurous when it comes to food. I’ve had snake, gator, quail, venison… (funny because I don’t eat meat anymore).
  7. My dream man is Childish Gambino/Donald Glover…I am basically in love with him! He is my man crush, every day.
  8. I am 5’5. I’m not that tall at all!
  9. I find that the best dishes I’ve made have been improvisational. I’ll have an idea of what I want to make in mind, grab some ingredients and kind of just improvise! Notable improvised dishes have been the vegetable curry that my roommate and I have banned (funny story there…), and my spicy chicken rigatoni.
  10. I absolutely hate Otterboxes, but I have one after dropping my phone in Wrigleyville when The Cubs won the 2016 World Series. #FLYTHEW
  11. My favorite movie is Clueless!
  12. My favorite drink at Starbucks that is non-coffee is a venti shaken green tea made with a lime refresher with only four pumps of classic syrup. It’s minty, refreshing, and citrusy. I love it.
  13. My favorite song is Midnight City by M83.
  14. I’m going to totally get yelled at for this, because I live in Chicago, but my favorite “pizza” that I have ever had in my entire life is the pizza pot pie from Chicago Brick and Oven Grinder company. It’s DELICIOUS.
  15. If I could only shop at one store forever, it would probably be H&M. Accessories would be Kate Spade.
  16. My favorite superheroine is Wonder Woman. She’s a badass.

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