The Good Things of 2016

Everyone has been coping with what has happened in different ways–I just want to remind everyone that we are still living, breathing, and hoping. We are alive, our hearts are still beating and there is still blood running through our veins.

I saw this inspirational list of good things that have happened this year, since everyone seems to be under the impression that 2016 was the worst… just because one event happened doesn’t mean that it should shadow over all of the positivity and greatness that has occurred. I’m going to attach the list below.

UPDATE- It won’t let me embed it in. UGH. Click here for the list!

It made me think about what good things have happened to me this year, and so I’ve written them below. I limited myself to ten items, although a lot has happened.

  1. I started this website. I started this blog, spontaneously, randomly one day this summer, and it makes me so happy and it has completely changed my life.
  2. I started my last semester of my undergraduate degree–scary, but exciting!
  3. I left my old job, that I completely despised, and started a new job for an amazing organization, doing something that I truly love.
  4. I’ve met so many people this year, and made so many new friends! From people through blogging, and people in my life, I’m so blessed to have all of you in my life!
  5. I got out of the most tumultuous, crazy, and emotionally draining relationship of my life.
  6. I got to vote for the very first time, in my entire life, for a strong independent woman. I got to vote for a FEMALE presidential candidate. That’s crazy!
  7. I can see progress in my emotional and mental growth–and like I’ve said before, I am always hoping to keep growing and maturing into the kind of woman that I want to be.
  8. My words and blog posts have made a difference and impacted some of you, no matter how small.
  9. I am going to move into my first “big girl” apartment. (I just need to take a leap and make decisions!)
  10. I have learned so much about love, life, happiness, and everything this year, more so than any other year in my twenty one years of life.

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