Free Shipping From Colourpop?!?

Image from Colourpop Cosmetics.

So Colourpop is offering free shipping for JUST THIS WEEKEND.

Although I am not picking anything up during this sale (I think my collection is good right now), I have a few quick picks for you guys!

I am sure you all have typical choices and things already, so I’ll present my (pretty) unique picks from the site… 

(Also, sorry I don’t have my usual blogging gear aka my laptop right now because I’m visiting my parents for the weekend, so sorry for the iPhone screenshots! I just wanted to get this post out before the promo ended!)

I said in my last post that this red/fuchsia lipstick is SO incredibly unique because of its quasi metallic and glittery look. There are hot pink flecks that truly make this shade unique! I think it’s perfect for not only the holidays, but whenever I wear it I ALWAYS get compliments! It’s such a special shade, and something you don’t see everyday.

I can’t get over this dark green gloss–it looks so edgy, but chic. I’m definitely afraid that I can’t pull it off, but it doesn’t change the fact that this shade is so punky and bad-ass!

I think that this dusty plum shade is just so pretty and a nice branch off from the typical pink gloss. It’s a nice variation on a classic makeup staple!

I think an awesome pick for the holidays is copper liner! Colourpop has such a wide array of metallic and colorful liners, with a super creamy and pigmented formula. I think this shade is the perfect coppery bronze, and it will definitely liven up any holiday look! Or any everyday look!

I’m definitely late to the game, but gold highlighter? GAMECHANGER. My favorite one is the one that came out with the Hello Kitty collection (shocker), but that one is sold out! I found this alternative, but I’m sure it’s still awesome! Their highlighters are ULTRA pigmented and ultra creamy, and for me a gold one isn’t something I typically would have gravitated to until I ordered the HK one! It’s definitely different, as I always imagine highlighters to be a champagne-y kind of shade. But SO flattering!

I hope these picks helped you guys out–have a great weekend! I just had to impromptu blog because of this awesome promo!

2 thoughts on “Free Shipping From Colourpop?!?

    1. No problem!!! They also have some great 3/$15 sets for their lipsticks and their eyeshadows are really great too! The only product I wouldn’t fully endorse is their ultra matte lipstick because I personally find it so drying–but others love it!

      You’re so welcome and be sure to tell me what you pick up!

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