My Drugstore Makeup Favorites

Makeup can add up.

Especially since you’re supposed to replace a few things every couple months… 

I was looking at my makeup bag the other day (not my whole collection, just the products that I use on the regular), and I quickly noticed that I definitely have a nice mix of Sephora (I hate Ulta) and Drugstore brands! 

There are some HG products that I would hold on to for my dear life, like Benefit’s Watt’s Up! and my UD eyeshadow in Lounge that are from Sephora. There are also some HG drugstore products that I absolutely adore, like my ELF Matte Lip Colors and my NYX eye primer.

So, I thought it might be helpful if I told you guys what my Drugstore favorites were, for each makeup category!

Drugstore makeup is actually one of my favorite things, because you can find such great products for a great deal! A lipstick for less than the price of a latte? Yes, please.

***note, I might not wear foundation, concealer, powder blush, etc anymore but I definitely do remember which ones were awesome!

****note two, I don’t have any mascara recommendations because I hate them all. Sorry guys.

Here we go!

Moisturizer- my DIY all natural moisturizer. Does this count?

Sunscreen– I have not found one that I like as much as the one I use, the COTZ Skin Tone.

Primer- Drugstore primers just don’t do it for me. I don’t wear primer anymore, but when I used to I would opt for Benefit’s Porefessional. I have heard very good things about the ELF primer, though!

Foundation- Loreal’s cushion compact foundation is really good. I bought this twice before I realized it was impractical to keep buying a new one every two months… even if I really love the formulation! That has got to be my fave DG foundation. The Wet N Wild cover-all foundation is also an amazing one, but I stopped using it because I stopped using foundation all together! It is a STEAL at $4 and is cruelty free!

Concealer- NYX Ultra HD Concealer, it is buildable, creamy, and has a really good range of colors! Easy to blend too. I’ve used it for contouring and undereye before, and it’s a great all-purpose concealer!

Eye Primer- NYX Proof It Eye Primer, I have sung the praises of this eye primer five hundred and ten million times, so I’ll make it quick. It makes your makeup bulletproof and is so SO affordable.

Eyeshadow- I think the Colourpop eyeshadows are really great, but they’re hard to use with a brush! They’re ultra pigmented but they have a unique consistency that you really should use your fingers to apply. My second fave are the Wet N Wild eyeshadows, but their holiday/LE palettes can be hit or miss. ELF I have not tried very much of, but that is soon to change…

Eye Pigments- the L’Oréal discontinued gold pigment I use has got to be my favorite pigment that I’ve ever used… but it’s sadly discontinued. I’ve heard good things about the new holiday pigments from Wet N Wild though!

Eyeliner- For eyeliner pens, I am ultra faithful to the ELF essential eyeliner pen. For cream liners, the L’Oréal one works AMAZINGLY.

Highlighter- Colourpop Super Shock Cheek, by a landslide. It’s blendable, buildable, and super duper pigmented! 

Powder Blush/Bronzer- The ELF blush and bronzer duo in St. Lucia is everything and anything that you could possibly need. It’s amazing.

Lip Balm- I love the Revlon Lip Butters, but they discontinued my favorite shade. I’ve heard that they’re actually discontinuing a lot of Revlon lip products, which is a bummer! I also like the Sun Bum lip balms, and the Burt’s Bees tinted lip balms.

Lipstick- ELF Matte Lip Colors. Colourpop. They are the queens.

Lip Gloss- NYX Butter Glosses are the only lip glosses that I like, drugstore-wise. They aren’t sticky and are super pigmented and smooth! 

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