Chicken With A Side of Sass

With every dish, there is a story. This is the story of this chicken.

Also called, The Neverending Old Fashioned Modern Day “Love Story.”

Blue Apron had generously refunded me for a delivery, after I had tried to cancel my account and there was a small mishap. They apologized, told me to keep my delivery, and to enjoy. I happily obliged.

I love Blue Apron. The meals are delicious, with unique and fresh ingredients. They have never disappointed me, and they are pretty damn cool.

After a bunch of ups and downs, not talking to Max (ugh, yes he gets a name) for a while and telling him that I didn’t want to be friends with him.

Yes, I’m vicious like that. I didn’t need him, and he didn’t deserve me.

Crazieness hit, and I found out that I needed him. Not as a boyfriend. But as a friend.

We often forget that before all of that madness that he and I were friends.

He came through as a friend, but after having to reschedule plans, I suggested that I could cook the two of us dinner.

I had the Blue Apron meals, so I decided to make him one. I texted Jojo to see which one she would agree to sacrifice for Mark.

So, he mentioned that he wouldn’t be around until after his meeting, I said that was fine, and we had a general time set.

I showered, got extra cute (you’re supposed to show them what they’re missing right?), and cleaned a bit–can’t have guests over in a messy apartment right?

And as the squash cooked and the rice was being made, I got a text.

“What the f–k?” I said, as I showed Jojo my phone. Was he really going to pull this bs, right when we decided that we were going to be friends again?

“He does know our apartment has electricity, right? Like we don’t live on a rancho,” she said, shaking her head.

“What the hell?”

I continued prepping dinner. “Looks like you aren’t going to have to sacrifice this dinner for Max,” I laughed.

“Good because I was kind of starting to regret it after you told me there was such good reviews.”

The two of us stared at my phone in shock.

“I said I was going to cook dinner!”

“You said you were going to cook dinner!”

I responded, as my phone went off again.

“Joanna I thought it was common sense for when someone said that they were going to cook dinner, that you show up for freaking dinner!”

“Even my puppy Georgie is smarter than Max. When you tell him to come for food… he comes for dinner.”

“I don’t know what he thinks this is, showing up for a plate after I’ve made dinner or whatever.”

“You invited him to dinner!”

“The eff he thinks this is, a restaurant? This isn’t Panera To Go.”

There was one of two things I could do… I could be super upset (which I definitely was not, I was just in shock that he was so dumb lol), or eat this delicious dinner with my roommate.

I laughed about it, and then proceeded to eat dinner with my roommate. The two of us laughed, chatted, and ate this super delicious chicken dinner, the squash and rice was super flavorful and delicious, and so was the pumpkin seed-cilantro-honey-lime “green mole” concoction. It was all perfectly balanced and amazing.

And what would have been one dinner turned into another. It’s funny how things change and the unexpected happens… and also how people can definitely surprise you.

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