Effortlessly Easy Rebel Eyes (Using the Naked 2)

When I think of cool girls, I think of effortless, chic, edgy, bad ass, delightfully chaotic, rebel eyes. I think of Tove Lo, Claire Marshall, Cara Delevigne, Rihanna. I think of sexy, smoky, edgy eye makeup–a dark cool metallic smoky eye and dark liner.

Also, my roommate and I were watching John Tucker Must Die and we were in LOVE with Sophia Bush’s makeup in the movie so that also inspired this look.

I think my edgy cool girl alter ego would be named Sacsha, and she would exclusively wear Kat Von D makeup, carry Rebecca Minkoff, have a bad ass leather jacket or plaid wool coat (ala Alexa Chung). She would always have perfectly messy tousled bed hair, smudged liner, and the perfect flush. Sacsha would wear heeled ankle booties year round, have a studded Marc Jacobs phone case, and drink whisky straight.

Can you imagine if my edgy alter ago blogged? 

I don’t think she would, she would probably just Instagram or make artsy edgy YouTube videos.

I’ve been falling in love with my Naked 2 palette again; I’ve definitely been reminded of how much I love it and why I made the investment to purchase it in the first place! It was my first big makeup purchase after all, and I cannot recommend it enough. 

I used three shades. I first blended YDK all over my lids, which is this GORGEOUS coppery frosty medium brown. Go swatch it the next time you’re at Sephora, it’s absolutely beautiful.

I then blended Tease into my crease to define the eye, which is this dirty light brown. I then added Snakebite to darken the crease a smudge, which is this dark golden brown. 

I then lined my waterline with a creamy black eyeliner and my upper eyelids with a liquid liner. I followed my typical liner technique for my upper lid.

FOREWARNING, I am breaking out like I said in my lavender cleanser post (which by the way works wonderfully!). Also I am an amateur at makeup photography and I am terrible at posing.

I might not be an edgy cool girl, but this look is perfect for any time you want to channel your inner Sacsha. Or you know, for parties, concerts, and whatnot.

I’m going to keep sharing Naked 2 eye looks, because it is an amazing palette and also because it’s so versatile. It’s so easy to go out and buy new palettes because they’re always coming out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with one you already have!

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