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Natural Daytime Eye feat. Hello Kitty x Colour Pop! (Using The Naked 2)

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Look 2

Hey guys! Since I’m trying to use my Naked 2 Palette more often, I thought that I could post my makeup look for the week. I’ll be posting pictures each day with what products I used, and how I did it.

I’m also trying to switch up my eyeshadow on the daily/regular, because it is SO easy to do, especially since I have the Naked 2. And as we all know…I’m been highkey wearing the same makeup look every single day..

For this look, I put Bootycall all over my lid, and then blended Tease with a little bit of Snakebite in the crease to darken the crease! Those two have been my favorite crease colors so far. I used to LOVE using super light eyeshadows as the main color (that’s how I used up all of Foxy in my palette), but as I’ve gotten older I’ve gravitated to a natural metallic kind of color for my everyday routine.

I paired this with Konichiwa from the Hello Kitty x Colourpop Collection, and it’s a perfect, natural daytime look!


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