This Week’s Favorite Links, 11/17

Internet Links for this Week, 11/18

Prince Harry Sets Important Boyfriend Precedent– A great read from Manrepeller, it’s funny to see how The Royals define the relationship, and announce it! This is definitely different from the typical Instagram picture caption.

Stress Eating: Why We Do It and How to Stop– I’m guilty of eating junk food and tons of sugar when I’m stressed out. It’s definitely not an uncommon habit!

The 1 Recipe to Make Out of Chrissy Teigen’s Cookbook, According to the Model Herself– Chrissy Teigen is basically my spirit animal, and her foodie ways are absolutely incredible. So is this recipe.

The Greatest AirBnB Love Story– If you aren’t following @loveyou_meanitt, you need to re-evaluate your priorities. She is one of my absolute favorites on Twitter, and this unexpected rom-com level story is by far one of the highlights of my week! I’m already imagining the movie!

The 13 Gilmore Girls Episodes to Watch Before the Show Returns– Am I the only one that’s excited for this? I can’t wait! I already have plans to order Chinese and binge-watch the entire new season the day it hits Netflix.

Posts from The Unabridged Sass from this Week, 11/18

Effortlessly Easy Rebel Eyes (Using the Naked 2)– An easy tutorial for that cool girl makeup look, using my long lost love, the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

Chiming in Cold Weather With A Lime Peacoat– I show you guys my green peacoat, and how I style brights in colder weather.

Chicken With A Side of Sass– A funny story about the dinner Max and I were supposed to have.

The Massive Chicago Cupcake Crawl TASTE TEST– An old blog post that has been sitting in my drafts for ages…who makes the best cupcakes in Chicago?

The Chrissey Project (The Soundtrack)– A running gag is that my life is like a romantic comedy…so what would the soundtrack be like?

20 Questions– A fun, easy, breezy makeup tag.

Natural Daytime Eye feat. Hello Kitty x Colour Pop! (Using The Naked 2)– My current favorite easy, natural daytime eye makeup.

Our Highkey Obsession with Aloha Eats– The story behind one of our favorite eateries, Aloha Eats!

Posts from my favorite bloggers from this Week, 11/18

High Protein & Low Fat Scrumptious Pumpkin French Toast– Mack shares an easy, yummy recipe for a super delicious and healthy breakfast! I’ve done this with my Ezekiel bread, and it tastes delicious!

Spring Make-Up Haul Ft. Nude By Nature, BYS & NYX– Wendy shares some new makeup products; I’ve been super intrigued by the BYS line since I’ve spotted it! She gives really nice mini-reviews as well!

GirlyGeekGirl’s 1st Birthday!– Happy blog birthday to Charlotte! She is one of the sweetest, kindest, and genuine bloggers out there, and I’m so happy for her!

UNSALTED BUTTER?!? A Food Rant.– The Historian writes a hilarious, and truthful rant about food…especially relevant to all of the delicious holiday treats that emerge this time of year. I’m sick of all of the cream cheese too!

MILLENNIAL CHRISTMAS LIST– Crystal posts a funny, and real Millennial Christmas list. I SWEAR, I would kill for some new socks!

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS IN LOVELY & ALLISON – PHOTOS, REVIEWS AND SWATCHES– I love every review and swatch post BerryDuchess posts, because she produces such high quality content and informative details! I’m so tempted to pick up both of these after reading this post.

Get To Know Me Tag– I always love getting to know the bloggers I interact with, and peeking a bit into their personal life. Erin answered questions from this quick little tag…which I’m lowkey tempted to do.

THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO WEAR DARK LIPS – MAKE UP TUTORIAL– Becca is like a makeup goddess, and this awesome tutorial is super helpful! It’ll help even the biggest nude lipstick lover tread into dark and bold lipstick territory.

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Favorite Links, 11/17

    1. I’ll do the tag if you do it too! 😉

      And you’re definitely not weird! Sometimes I feel a little weird when I get a little off blog…like when I write about Taco Bell or share stores about Max and dinner, but then I remember that ultimately it’s my domain and my blog, and if I’m not writing about whatever I want, am I really blogging to my fullest? I love these off-beat personal posts, because that’s when you really kind of get to know the person behind the screen! If you rant again, I’ll definitely be a fan of it hahaha.


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