The Truth About Bad Timing


(Can we acknowledge for a moment how beautiful this sunset outside my apartment window was?)

“If good things lasted forever, would we appreciate how precious they are?”

-Calvin & Hobbes

It’s been a roller coaster of emotions recently, and although I have promised to no longer be so candid about super personal things that happen to me, writing has always been an outlet for me. This has always been something that has remained true for me, and something that has truly helped me through the absolute roughest of times.

I’ve been thinking a lot about timing. I’ve been thinking a lot about how things aren’t fair, and how I wish things were different. As a strong, independent woman, one of the most terrifying things you can do it open yourself, and your heart to someone. Even scarier than that is trusting them, and starting to fall for them. And even scarier than that, is starting to realize that you need that someone in your life, and that you cannot imagine a world without them in it.

I’m that friend that gives advice and knocks some sense into my friends. I’ve heard countless break up stories, I’ve heard countless scenarios, and I have always been able to give them the logical, realistic advice that we so often forego. Because I have been so jaded about romance and sparks, they found that my slightly cynical, but honest advice was exactly what they needed.

And throughout this situation, as I found myself losing my sense of logic, realism, and jadedness, I felt like I was a damn fool. I became mushy, smiley, heart beating faster happy. The world was suddenly shining through rose colored glasses, and I had somehow believed in the romantically impossible, ridiculous, and irrational.

I felt my tough facade slowly breaking away, which had been built up and fortified through my logical realism. And as the last remaining bit of it laid on the ground, and I knew that those walls had been completely broken down, I knew that my elastic heart had already taken control of my brain.

I’ve been thinking about bad timing, and I’ve been thinking about how we always blame things on bad planning whenever it doesn’t go to plan. Whenever things don’t go exactly how we expected, and perfectly how we thought, we convince ourselves that it was not the right place or the right time. But really, is there ever a right time or a right situation for anything?

In life, we have to be fearless, and we have to take risks. Part of life is taking chances, because there is never a right moment for anything; there is only that one moment where you decide to be bold and hope within your heart that this is the perfect moment.

The problem with meeting the right person at the wrong time, is that you always wonder what could’ve happened, and it will frustrate and upset you, and fill you with regret. And one day, you will think to yourself, “If only it had been the right time.” And you will solemnly realize that you let someone that could have been your everything slip through your very fingers.

Everything happens for a reason, and as we frustrate ourselves with the fact that someone magical comes along in the worst possible reason, we blame it on bad timing. But the universes quirky mechanisms work in a very specific fashion, as everything happens for a reason. And this amazing, perfect-except-for-timing human has been brought into your life, this person who is incredible and unlike anything you could possibly imagine. And we make up excuses of bad timing to justify the fact that we are afraid, that we are not ready, and that we are too afraid to take a chance with something that could be the most beautifully amazing thing in the entire world.

The truth is, meeting the perfect person at the wrong time is not something that is supposed to happen. Letting someone that unforgettable slip through your fingers is not something that you can just brush off, and forget. The truth is, when we are presented with these situations, we are supposed to be fearless and bold, and take chances. Because there is truly no right time for anything, there is only the time that we choose to risk it all.

We lose chances, we hold back because we are afraid, but then looking back, we realize that when it is finally the right time that it is a little too late. In situations like this, there are one of two things that can be done. You can either fight against your fear, and take a chance on this remarkable person in front of you, or you can blame it on bad timing, walk away, and know that you lost your chance with something that could have been life-changing.

8 thoughts on “The Truth About Bad Timing

    1. Thank you, it truly is hard when it comes to yourself. I find myself always finding a solution for other’s problems but never mine… thank you so much. I will be sure to tell you what happens! ❤

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  1. I’ve often spent time thinking about that because I have someone that for a while I thought was the right person at the wrong time. However, if they don’t work at any time can they really be the right person? I’m a firm believer in the whole dating because you see a potential for the long-term with someone. However, in the long term they have to be around for everything. Everyone comes around at the right time, just know there’s someone even better out there.


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